Me: "HA! Hey come see this baby, Paris Hilton drew this in jail!"

Mike: "Where...? That?! HAHAHA SO CHILDISH!" *continues to guffaw to himself while giving his attention back to the TV*

I don't know why, but I thought that was so funny!

I'm just imagining Paris standing at the side of Mike, pouting, frowning and stamping her feet, and she goes all "I'm not childish! That's not hot..." in her silly drawl, and Mike, looks at her and laughs and continues to eat his chips while explaining slowly, "But Paris... It is...".


Isn't it funny? Paris drew herself without the wonky eye!

DETECTIVE WORK! There seems to be a Dear Harvey note stamped on it! Must be her note to Harvey Norman to send her a bed!

That's not funny, I apologize.

I know I kinda sound like I don't like Paris, but I do! I find her entertaining. :)

I actually got quite pissed off with the tabloids when they all posted up videos of her crying when she got sent back to jail...

All the tabloids had captions like, "Oh joy! Paris Hilton gets thrown back to jail!"


People already so poor thing then still they wanna say such mean stuff about her!

I mean, sure, she can't read random tabloid websites in jail la, but I don't think she's a bad person, right?

SO WHAT if she takes drugs, is racist (but never did anything about it), has regular sex that is sometimes taped, and flashes her vagina to the world?

These are all her personal choices that don't affect the rest of the world (except that the world chooses to know about these things themselves, which is not her fault)!

I'm sure there are many other really bad people outside who deserve to go to jail more than her!

It's really disgusting how so many people are rooting for her to go to jail, just out of pure spite.

They are just unhappy to see her leading such an easy life, and they want her to get a piece of the hardship pie.

But it's not her fault she is born lucky! So why should she deserve to be penalised for leading an easy life?! Other people who are unhappy about it can jolly well do good deeds this lifetime and hope that their next life will be a hotel heiress!

And all the guys I know hate her to the core... and their reason?



How is she a slut?

After reading about her for like 2 years or so, she had like, what, 10 boyfriends or something? And these guys are all either cute, or Greek shipping heirs!

Obviously, when a girl is pretty and eligible like her (yeah right, as if you guys won't fuck her if you had the chance to), she will get a lot of proposals from guys who are interested, and I'm SURE like 80 percent of girls won't say no to fucking a shipping heir with $30 million in inheritance and looks not bad!

You know what guys? It's just SO EASY.

Too easy for you guys to just talk.

All these male tabloid writers and other guys who "despise" her.

AND SO WHAT IF SHE IS A SLUT? Is it against your personal morals that girls are sometimes easy to get into bed? No, coz obviously guys don't seem to have anything against prostitutes, right?

Why Paris then?

That leaves only one possible conclusion:

You guys are just sore that although she is so slutty image-wise, yet you know that she would never have sex with you.

Yup. Sad isn't it?

Next time you guys call a girl a slut, think about how stupid you sound, when the party who hears you know that despite being easy, that girl you insulted would never touch your penis with a ten-foot pole. :)

Enough about Paris!

To those who are interested, I've got fired off Stomp for not going for the Wednesday night chats regularly (I apologize to the one or so non-star-blogger who wanted to chat with me)!

I won't say I'd miss anything though, it's honestly their loss (C'mon, I'm the best blogger around, man!) and I've been feeling quite regimented over there lately - seems that the sieving and editing they do have increased since the start, when I remember I was allowed to holler vulgarities and go as irrelevant I want to. Stifling.

Good old days those were...

Can't be helped I guess, since muthafucking stupid readers COMPLAIN.

That's what stupid, useless people do all day long to feel like they have some sort of power! They complain!! And businesses listen! And thus these people feel important! Because in real life nobody gives a shit about them! *shakes head*

It is in my humble opinion that Stomp should not listen to said muthafucking stupid narrow-minded readers, but what do I know? I've only been blogging for 4 years. =)


You know what I realised the other day? I was at Stomp's party thingy, and in front of Gillian and I were this bunch of really loserish-looking "readers".

Gillian looked at one of them, and said, "Look at him, he is exactly the kinda person who tells you you are ugly and stupid on your blog you know?

"That guy, right there. Are you telling me you should care when someone like that tells you that you are stupid?" -- or something to that effect, and Gillian laughed.

I looked at that guy Gillian was sniggering at, and suddenly her point really hit me right on the forehead.

She is so right! These lower tier of society's dumbasses' opinions should not matter to me!

I actually got quite mad! Such an ugly and unappealing and socially unacceptable person has no rights to say I am ugly!!!!!!!!!!!111

And it is hilarious, really, that people get affected by these anonymous losers who force their opinions upon website owners!

In any case, remember that some time ago I mentioned a post about the top 5 most disgusting bloggers in the Singaporean blogosphere?

Well, I didn't post it because of one of the people in that post is a "star blogger" *roll eyes gently* and I was scared of being fired.

But since now I am fired, so be it!

I'd post the entry up once it's finished. :)

(NO, it's not Dawn, for the last last time)

Oh happy day!

I saw some new baby pink furniture at Ikea yesterday, and I can't wait to decorate my princess room!

Plus, I just had good food at Indulgz again (for advertorial 2), and man, I tell you, the food there is soooooo fabulous!

Now, if you guys excuse me, I'd go ahead and continue leading my quite perfect life. :) I will be much poorer without Stomp's paycheck but it's ok! Money comes and goes! Right? Right?? Stop being mean! You guys are supposed to comfort me!

p/s: Episode 5 is out!


p/p/s: I just reread my entry and realised that the "Harvey" Paris was writing to can't be Harvey Norman coz in her drawing inside the "TV" is Harvey Levin from TMZ! Stupid stupid.

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