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The average person spends 40 hours a week at work, 10 hours traveling to and from work, and 49 hours sleeping.

Work, of course, pays you money (so you can be alive to spend even more time working), so you should spend time doing it.

Sleeping is enjoyable and rather inevitable, so yeah... can't do anything about it.

Traveling (and I mean like commuting from place to place, not holiday traveling) is however, completely stupid and annoying.

How many times have we been on the stupid MRT and seeing all these people zoning out doing absolutely nothing while their lives swiftly fly past them like AMK station just did?

Sometimes I even wish that I stayed just in a completely tiny village where everything I need is within a 3 minute walk, so I don't need to waste my life sitting out a damn traffic jam which is not even my fault!

But then again I think that in this case I won't have so much variety for shopping so I hurriedly regret my wish and hope that it had not reached the "Hope register counter" somewhere in Heaven or something where somebody approves wishes.


My point is...

Informatics has just came up with a brilliant idea!

It's called the Informatics Mobile Learner programme - and, I quote, it is to "provide students who cannot attend regular class and are constantly on the move, easy access to learning and acquiring qualification".

Everyone knows that doing part-time studying while working a full-time job is very tiring, which is why people tend to stop their life-time learning whenever they start working.

The reason why part-time studying is difficult is because it is time-consuming - to travel to the school, absorb new information when your brain is already tired from work, and then travel back home again.

Informatics now gives the option of doing your studying anytime you want, and more importantly of all, anywhere you want!!

All in one brilliant, shimmery tiny memory card:

That can be put into a palmtop


Brilliant right?

The memory card contains all the information you need, and it can be put into a palmtop, or a laptop, or played in your car's audio system... even a psp if you have the right program for it!


These portable equipment you can carry with you to absorb new knowledge whenever you have free time - be it waiting in a queue, or waiting for the bus, or you know... shitting. :D

Now instead of wasting all your time just zoning out on MRTs or feeling annoyed that you can't take your education a step further because you work long hours - you can study own-time-own target and best of all, whenever you are ready, go take the exams!

The course also features a 24/7 round-the-clock service, as well as an academic certificate awarded upon the completion of each module. (After submitting the required 8 certs, you wll be provided with your internationally-recognised Diploma)

The person who came up with this idea is really quite brilliant - maybe I can take up a new course during the 3 weeks I'm going to be in Dallas with Mike?


Well... I know there are people out there with drive and hungry for more knowledge but really can't afford the time to study.

This should be quite suitable for you too!!

If you want to get more information regarding Informatics Mobile Learner programme (click for website!!), you can email them at enquiry@informaticseducation.com, or call them at 9362 9292.

The hotline is 24/7 so you can even call now if you want to!! (My "now" is like 5am as I am writing this)

OK... Random pictures of me cam-whoring with their lessons in a palmtop.


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