Good morning everyone!!!

Apparently, everytime I blog something vaguely about sex I get onto the Chinese tabloid headlines, which is really quite irritating. (The previous entry got onto Shin Min. WTF?!)

Anyway I am so kpo about the Edison Chen scandal!!

I saw this photo of Cecilia Cheung, and I just burst out laughing...

(NSFW.. not for kids either. Shoo!)



I know it's very mean to laugh at a badly taken photo of her at this point la, but really lor, she so chio also can have a horrible photo!!

Her expression is just really funny! And her body look like starved African child leh, so skinny... She looks like she was just saying to Edison: "Oei stop taking the photos for a while, I'm not prepared!" then he still continue snapping. LOL!!!

Anyway, I think by now most of you have already seen the photos, so if you wanna read my main blog entry for today (which is about the photo scandal), click HERE.

NSFW and not for underaged people whose irresponsible parents are allowing them to go online freely!

AHEM. The entry, in case it is illegal, is not written by me.


New videos on Clicknetwork!!


Xiaxue's Guide to Life

Since you horrid people are constantly harping on me being fat,
I've decided to lose weight!

Maybe I can also teach you how to do it without exercising...

Chick VS Dick

There's nothing more funny than watching famous people get drunk.

Who is the better drunk, Paul Twohill or Kaykay?

Click la, then you can find out!

Till I next get inspired, tata!!

(Comments disabled still, sorry...)

p/s: I am looking for a part-time maid!! If you got a good one to intro and she charges $10 per hour and doesn't mind coming to the east, tell me can?

My current maid is damn shitty lor, she ai mai then cancel on me, and I pay her to work 4 hours and she leaves after 2?!?! WTF? And she does a shitty half-fucked job!!

p/p/s: Don't intro chio maid hor... You know angmohs like to fuck maids lor! Mike doesn't APPEAR to be that sort but you'll never know. So better if it's lao auntie.

p/p/p/s: I know you are thinking: "You don't blog, you don't work... you laze around all day and yet you want a maid!? Why can't you clean your own house?"

Because, my dear... Life is too short to be doing stuff you don't like, especially if you can afford not to!!

My email is xiaxue@gmail.com. Loves!!

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