Thursday, April 10, 2008

Apple users hate me

Is it a bad week for me or what? After my shitty Bintan trip (which I have yet to blog about), I have the weirdest virus ever...

It took me about 1.5 weeks of wispy coughing to get to a full-blown cough and then now I'm down with a flu, sore throat, as well as fever... as icing on my lovely cake!

I thought most flus are over within 3 days? That's normal for me, anyway...

(I also realised that the big Os are only half as intense when you are sick. Double whammy!)

Anyway, I'm too damn drowsy to blog a good one, so I'd leave you guys with some photos from KK's bdae party (yes KK, Kaykay, and Qihua are the same people, I just like to call her different names depending on my mood - which is "lazy" right now, so that's KK for you).

And also, some of you might have noticed that Gizmodo and Fake Steve, both very popular internet sites, picked up on my iPhone review, completely misconstruing what I said and taking my spoof phone review, very, very seriously.

Well, maybe the site owners themselves didn't, but the users surely did!

I laughed my ass off as I read comments like:

that was hilarious, wow. It just proves iPhones are for smart people.

You know what dude? YOU EXACTLY PROVED MY POINT. I don't like Apple users because they TYPICALLY:

1) Think they are smarter than everyone else

2) Think they are cooler than everyone else

3) Most importantly, think they are more ENLIGHTENED than everyone else, and have a raging innate need to tell people what to do: Which is to use bloody Mac products.

Of course, there are also the typical Mac fanboys who are too stupid to argue logically, so they instead display their rage by saying I am ugly, a completely bimbo, stupid hair/eyelashes/make up/neighing voice etc.


How's that relevant to anything? You mean, if it were a middle-aged professor saying the exact same things, does it make the content any better?

Nonetheless, Gillian found these gems of comments:

  • You guys are a bunch of uptight bastards. Anyone too arrogant/fanboyish to appreciate that this was SUPPOSED to be a tongue-in-cheek look at the iPhone obviously need their IQ checked. Stop taking it so fucking seriously

  • The reviewer, while ditsy, represents a normal non-techie who happens to write a blog and has a tiny amount of knowledge on the gadget-verse. That was both clear and apparent in her review which she pre-stated was going to be biased because like many, she feels Mac fans generally have their head up their ass. (the comments on this video further back-up this point).

  • It's ridiculous the lengths that some of you will take to defend your premium priced purchases - chill. It's just one person's review.

Anyway, following this little internet wave, clicknetwork decided to be opportunistic and print some t-shirts for people who agree with me that Mac fanatics have their heads up their asses (and think it's the best place to be).

Click here to buy some of these apparels!!

A few points to defend myself (even though I was completely not serious about the review):

  1. It IS near impossible to put my finger straight and still use the iPhone with long nails, because the nail will scratch the precocious phone. And as I said, if I put it straight, the surface area touching the screen is so huge it won't select anything accurately.

  2. There is an Apple screen behind me because I shot the clip at Munkysuperstar's office, where, being film people, they use Apple products. I secretly dislike them. I was farting at the screen the entire time... You might see some green smoke at 1:07.

  3. Why, one of the biggest features of the iPhone is the music function. How many of us bring earphones out everyday? That being said, iPhone users are therefore likely to play and "share" their so-called music taste with people they meet. Yes, on that damn speaker.

    I've been a victim of this already (Tim and his tragic love songs), and yes, it is UNDENIABLY ANNOYING. (Not so much you Tim, since you and I generally like the same sort of music. Don't cry!!) But you can imagine if you are trapped on a long bus ride with some (insert music genre you hate) fanatic who slowly "introduces" you to his awesome music...

Did I say I'd blog a short one??

Anyway, frivolous photos:

I love how our freshly dyed hair colour clashes. Vibrant photos are awesome!!

I know you all love Kaykay and think that she is gorgeous, but I believe one more time I see a "KAYKAY IS SO BEAUTIFUL!" or "Gimme KK's number please!" comment I'm going to implode into little bits of fluff.

I'm deleting all such comments because it is stupid to keep repeating stuff that has been said a million times, unless... it is praise for me. Which I enjoy reading over a cup of tea.

If enough idiots post such comments, I shall threaten to never post her photos again! YES! I will mosaic her face (and boobs, if within photo) out! Her beauty shall be slightly within your grasp, but never attained! Such is my cruelty.

(Chao KK return me my chio dress!)

In case you ignorant Americans don't already know, my IQ is proven by Mensa to be higher than 148.
That means, statistically speaking, I am smarter than 98% of the idiots who say I am dumb. :)

p/s: Omg I am not done blogging! I thought I'd leave with a cool little quote but instead ruined it myself by wanting to type more. I'm feeling better! I think the medicine Mike force-fed me is working.

Anyway, speaking of IQ, I've wanted to share this little snippet I've read about before in a story book called The Curious Incident Of The Dog In the Night-time.

I'm not sure if there are people who are here for frivolous pictures but are also interested in IQ questions, but here goes...

The book talked about a puzzle called The Monty Hall Problem.

The question goes like this:

Suppose you're on a game show, and you're given the choice of three doors: Behind one door is a car; behind the others, goats.

You pick a door, say No. 1, and the host, who knows what's behind the doors, opens another door, say No. 3, which has a goat.

He then says to you, "Do you want to pick door No. 2 instead?" Is it to your advantage to switch your choice?

(Digressing, why a goat? That's a disgustingly smelly animal to put behind a door... I guess that's so that nobody wants a goat rather than a car. Except maybe Aberforth Dumbledore... )

What's your answer?

I am sure that almost 100% of us will intuitively say it does not matter because the chances are 50/50, right?

Well, I did anyway!

So, the book continues to explain, to my astonishment, that WE SHOULD SWITCH, because switching gives you a 2/3 chance of getting a car, VS a 1/3 chance if you don't switch.

The person with the highest IQ (currently), Marilyn vos Savant, had to endure long letters of insults sent to her because she was presented this problem in a magazine and said she endorsed the switching.

I put down the book and sat thinking for around half an hour before I could finally understand what she said.

The problem is much more comprehensive if viewed this way, according to Savant:

Say there are 1,000 doors (with 999 goats and a car inside). You pick Door 1, and the host, who knows where the car is, opens 998 other doors revealing goats, leaving only your door (Door 1) and remarkably enough, Door 888 (Chinese host in my scenario) closed. DO YOU SWITCH?

OF COURSE YOU DO! Your initial chance of getting a car is 0.001%, and the chances that the car is in Door 888 is 99.99%!

When I finally figured it out, I thought myself very clever and presented Mike with the same problem. He was super adamant that the chances are 50/50, so we took 3 toothpicks and broke one shorter and did a reenactment of the problem, where Mike picked toothpicks from my hands.

It turns out, switching really does give you the shorter toothpick 66% of the time! Go try!

Don't believe? Read more.

Interesting isn't it? Food for thought.

Now, I go sleep.

p/s: I'm not trying to act smart, I really found this interesting.