Obligatory blog entry

Sorry for the disappearance!

Not been very inspired to blog lately, and I feel exhausted coz I just finished another long advertorial... I hope the company will approve it soon so you guys can see it!

Anyway, new episodes on Clicknetwork are up!!



The iPhone follow-up

Something to piss Mac fans off more. I do not endorse the message at the end! It was added in against my will. Hmpf!

The Sex Shop

Ever wondered how it's like inside a sex shop? Maybe you can take a practice visit with me first before going inside...


The Baby-sitting Challenge

Who will fare better when left alone with a baby? Find out and vote!

The Psychic Challenge

Paul and Kaykay guess embarrassing facts about strangers. See who gets more right!


Did some of you see me on Channel U's news?

(interviewed in my "Princess Room")

Anyway, if you wanna watch the little snippet, the article's here - and see the obscure little red box sitting beside the title? You can click on that to watch the video.

Can anyone who can somehow save the video please send it to me?? Thanks a million!!!!!!

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