I'm super down on luck recently!!

I just came back from Bintan (2 year anniversary present from Mike) and our holiday, quite frankly, sucked. This is not Mike's fault but that of Bintan as a holiday destination. I've got loads to complain! Ahem. It will come in a different blog entry.

AND THEN, as you all have not failed to notice, the photos on recent blog entries are GONE!

This is, undoubtedly, because some fucker of a blog reader decided to complain to Picasa that my Picasa web album account "violated terms and conditions"!!!!!!!!!!

That is where I upload all my blog photos (since a few months ago).


Then this Google (who owns Picasa), decided that that is that without checking or anything, and suspended my account!

And to make things worse, there is no email link or anything for me to explain myself! WTF IS THIS??

The only thing that could have violated whatever terms and shit could be the spoof Edison photos, but those pictures all have their naughty bits censored, so I don't see what the problem is!

Is there anyone from Google or Picasa (or knows someone working inside) that can help me? Or maybe know the email for Picasa that I can send an explanatory email to?

Please let me know: xiaxue@gmail.com


(Otherwise have to upload all the millions of photos again and repost them. I predict that will take around 100 hours...)

p/s: Shuyin found this for me. Seems like that they like to anyhow delete people's accounts... Why are they so cruel?

p/p/s: I read through the help forums and it appears that Picasa deleted around 10 other innocent people's web albums, including pictures of purely dogs and kids. Little fuckers. They don't even bother to check properly!

p/p/p/s: I HOPE YOU ARE HAPPY, WHOEVER YOU ARE! May you get some form of cancer, you malicious bastard. And also develop severe body odour that induces even yourself to puke at the most inopportune times.

UPDATE: THEY REINSTATED MY ACCOUNT FOR ME!!! Nobody sent me an email to inform me or anything. Google behaves in mysterious ways. Thanks for all those helpful emails! Really made my day. (And thanks to Ming, Wanyi and Shuyin too!)

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