GSS - now funny as well as awesome!


I love the Great Singapore Sale!

The words itself sparks a joy in me when I think of all the discounted pink stuff I can add to my collection! Haha! Sometimes I am even willing to buy stuff at their original price only to find out later it is on 50% off --- that's got to be the shioking feeling in the world man!

Digressing, I've just managed to buy my dream luggage at 20% off. It's $180 after discount I think!

How can people have a dream luggage, you ask.


As of all dream items with me, it's a shiny patent baby pink, and very, very sleek:

Outside. The wheels are super smooth and the locks are so well-made!

Inside... It's obviously a girl's luggage. No more numerous little pouches for make-up and toiletries! Now my luggage comes with many little convenient compartments!

Me, very tan, with dream luggage!!!!!


What I DIDN'T manage to buy though, is this:

Fendi bangle in baby pink!!!!!!! You can go as far as calling it my dream bangle, hahaha!

I first saw it when I was in Isetan with Wong, and I saw the bangle, did a double take and took two steps towards the beacon of shiny pink bangle.

Then, I saw, distractedly, on my left... A purple Fendi spy bag!

"Chio..." I thought, "but not as chio as the one I'm carrying..."


I was carrying an "inspired" Fendi spy bag too!!

I've heard many stories about sales people in branded stores calling the cops on people with fake products lor! (Although my "fendi" bag is actually not fake per se coz it has no logos on it la, but still...)

So I hastily jumped out of the store and instructed Wong to check out the price for me.

Bloody $295!!!

Needless to say I didn't buy it on the spot coz it is bloody expensive! (And I am not rich, despite what you hear from newspapers and unreliable bloggers)

For the next few days I kept dwelling on it and finally decided to get it --- but to my dismay it is sold out!!!!!!! Oh god! You mean there are other people who find $295 a justified price for a bangle?!?!

And just in case you are wondering why the pic of the bangle looks a little weird, it is because the only pic I am able to find online is the blue one, and I had to photoshop it pink.


Anyway, where was I? Right, GSS is awesome!

You know what else is awesome besides shopping? Funny videos, and laughing out loud! AND... Getting free stuff!


You can get all three of those by logging on to www.laughoutloud.com.sg, and watch spoof of the NETS videos!

Go check it out, the site is full of videos of the adventures of an Ah Beng (complete with cringeworthy "kim" hair) and Ah Lian. It's slapstick but entertaining enough.

You can also download icons and wallpapers there of your favourite icon, under "Support LOL".

My favourite is of course the pink one la...

Seow Chio Bu
(Pronounced Xiao-Chio-Boo)

Meaning: Little Beauty

The flower amidst the thorns, she’s the pretty little
thing that’s oh-so-adorable. Makes the boys go gaga.

Haha so cute.

You can also try the 2D game and win prizes such as PSPs and Nintendo DS Lites! Or make a face, take a photo, and stand to win a year's supply of Heaven and Earth Green tea!!!

I'm so gonna take part in that man. A year's supply? How do they gauge how much is a year's supply? I'd drink Heaven and Earth broke lor, confirm. I LOVE THEIR GREEN TEA!!!!

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