Video updates

I may not blog very often but my videos come punctually every other Friday!!

So yeah it's Sunday now, but this week's videos are more exciting than usual! (Which is saying a lot because the videos are already very exciting normally... *ahem*)


Very hideous. Sorry if I scared you there...

Gillian forces me to put Mayo on my hair and egg white on my face, all to test for you guys if these home beauty remedies work! Eww!


My favourite ep of C vs D so far!! Kay kay and Paul have to use their sense of touch to find out what these mystery objects are! Let's just say the producers are really quite cruel...


We all know Paris Hilton has a new reality show where she is in search of a new BFF to replace that horrible slut Nicole who went and got herself pregnant, and thus is now a boring stay-at-home mom. Ok, I totally made that up. But I'm pretty sure Paris thinks that way. (Is Paris infertile?! Why everyone else getting pregnant but her?)

So yeah!

Gillian thought it would also be a good idea for me to hold auditions to find myself a new bff, since I am always complaining to her that I cannot find MJ kakis/tanning buddies!

Check this out (click to watch video):

So what do you think?

YOU wanna be my new bff?!?!!? Hahaha!! I assure you I am awesome to be friends with!!

Anyway, this is only half-serious...

I mean, auditioning to be bffs feels kinda forced, and of course, friendship is only forged after years of nurturing and being there for one another, so of course it is near impossible to find a new bff (Shuyin your position is still safe and secure la, hor!) just like that.

But still, it's always fun to make new friends, so who knows what will happen, right?

Just go and apply la! It will be fun, I promise!!

Applications click here. Have to answer a set of questions (not your conventional questions) and send us your photo! You can insult me too if you want. APPLY TO BE ARCH ENEMIES! Omg totally cool reality show idea!

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