1,2,3... poof

Hello ya all!

As you may, or not may not, have noticed, I've decided to delete all Dawn-related entries.

This thing has been implicating too many other people (such as Arissa and Royston and etc etc)... this is my main reason.

Reason 2 is that I guess Dawn is in enough shit as it is. I may dislike her (online persona), but I don't have a bloody heart of stone. I've been lectured by people (irl), and I guess I don't have to be so... relentless. I feel a bit bad. I was very annoyed by Noel when I wrote the 3rd entry, I guess.

Reason 3 is that I don't want to face a potential lawsuit. I don't have the time for this. Blah blah blah be brave fight her etc... You go and fight la! It's not you, of course easy for you to say. Lao niang got no money lor! Right now my bank got about 3k, hire semi LJ lawyer!? I mean, of course Dawn could still be going ahead with it la, but there's nothing I can do about that now. If I become bankrupt Wongsie told me that I cannot go JB (or overseas for that matter)... Have to apply for permit coz they will be scared that I flee the country!

Oh god suddenly had an image of myself giving away my prized possessions such as my sidekick, computer, accessories drawer, fluffy pink puff balls etc all to cackling men in suits.

So yup. Good for you if you've seen them, too bad if you didn't. Maybe you ought to read my blog like every 2 hours!

And I don't care if you think I'm contradicting myself or that you think I'm being cowardly. Sometimes, people have to do the things they don't wish to do.

Here's a few hugeass pictures to pretend to change the topic:

In the car on the way to Le Papillion during my birthday. I know! It's a crazily long time ago.

It was a simpler time, and I was gleeful because I wasn't the one who had to navigate, as it is my day afterall. :)

Outside the restaurant, which shut down already.

My dress is so short.

"Oh god!" you exclaim. "Are these pictures all going to be of you only? How dull!"

No... There's a photo of Mike and like 3 of food. Hahaha!!

Bye le papillion...
If I blogged about you earlier maybe you won't be gone now...

Me! I keep asking Mike to take more photos coz on the camera they look ugly, but I publish them all coz I can photoshop pure magic. Ha!

Our seafood soup. Crazily nice!

Mike's pasta

Believe it or not, this is my passport photo! I took it myself and photoshopped it to death a wee bit but the ICA still approved it! Hahaha!

Just so you now know, you are allowed to bleach your hair, wear coloured contacts, and crazily thick make-up in your IC photo. No problem.

Last pic.

Ta! Comments allowed, or disallowed, according to my mood after I read through them tomorrow morning.

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