I am ok!

Boohoo! Poor me being threatened with a lawyer's letter!

Yes yes, I know my pre-surgery nose is on the cover page of Straits Times!!

Gross! They asked me for a photoshoot but I was too tired yesterday so I declined. Oh well!! Totally regret it now!

Anyway, I'm gonna go see my lawyer on Monday to discuss the case. We'll see what happens from there then.

Gross, ST! Props for the neutral POV (I thought they would be biased coz someone's from Stomp) but boo on the "reigning queens"!!!

This whole thing started with me saying I don't want to be compared with her, and it ends with me still being compared to her!! Nabehness.

And no, I DO NOT NEED EXTRA HITS. It was maintaining at a steady 20,000 before... Even if it is 50,000 now, the ad prices are still the same! I can definitely report I am not earning any more than usual.

Thanks to the people who offered to donate money to help my cause. It is very touching!! Especially to those who offered hundreds... My most generous donor offered $2k!! Mad not!!

Comments allowed but heavily moderated as it may affect the lawsuit. You can leave comments pledging your support or your donation and the amount though!! That would be nice!! :D

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