Finally, piccies!!

I just finished MJ!! Won $45!! Very tired but guess I'll blog first before going to bed.

Met up with Junne, Clara and Ben for dinner at some Jap restaurant at the basement of Raffles City...

The concept is exactly like the old Marche's, except they serve Jap food instead of angmoh food. It's freaking crowded can!? By the time you buy the food back to your table and start eating it is quite cold already lor...

Camwhoring on the cab:

Without skin smoothening

With skin smoothening

Nabeh I edited both of these photos at different times so they turned out looking so different. Photoshop also got mood one ok!!

Was leopard printy that day

I love my stud! Pink and white stripey beach ball with clear diamante!

I better stop looking so doe-eyed otherwise wait people say I am DY-wannabe how?

Junne and Clara, real friends whom I don't talk shit about.
Their teeth not yellow! :)

Our mediocre food. Is it just me?? Did we order the wrong stuff? The pizza and egg thingy was nice, but otherwise very bah.

Lose the card and pay $$$$!

Junne took 3 tries to take this photo lor... The first two were videos. I look exceedingly dumb in them. If you want to see the video I'll upload it.

Ben acting cute. I hate Ben!!!!!!!!! I'll tell you why later.

Where got people so buay paiseh one keep asking me to take photos for the 3 of them.

Photo taken by Ben, who managed to cut his own head off

Taken by the waiter. OMG! The waiter was like damn GONG can? He took 1 picture, and it turned out realllllllly blur. Then when I told him that the first picture is blur, like can you help us take another one?, he looked at me damn seriously and told me that my camera screen is blur!! What the??

My F21 dress is super slutty. Tie at the back and crazy short! I heart bare-back dresses. :D

Again failure at self-shots

Taken by Junne, who is clearly an expert camwhorer.

I was telling them about my Mahjong losses that day when I turned up to look at the ceiling. It was mocking me.

Junne: Guess who's really talking on the phone?

Actually it's Clara! I was pretending... Well done hor?


Don't see like machiam very chummy like that. I actually hate Ben!

Where got people eat with 2 forks??

Ben wants to see if a fork can poke through a plastic nose.

Please hor!!

Plastic people also human ok!! What the fuck is going to happen to my corpse if I get buried? I mean, after years and years when my bones disintegrate, will my implant still be there?

BTW, I don't know if I've mentioned this, but going ahead with the nose job was the best decision I've ever made. THANK YOU MEDIACORP, DR MARTIN HUANG, MUNKYSUPERSTAR I LOVE HEART YOU ALL!

Thank god I fought for it and didn't listen to my mom/Howard/Mike, etc!!

Whenever I look back at my old videos/pictures I just think the old bulbous nose was really very distracting. It's like THERE, in the middle of my face, taking up so much space and like... having a bloody life of its own!

I did the surgery because I've always HATED my old nose. I still am not 100% satisfied with my current nose because it is still not perfect, but I won't do another surgery because I think the reason for doing it will be wrong.

Also because I have no money la. HAHAHA!

The thing about plastic surgery is... if there is something you are really dissatisfied with, why not change it? This "purpose" is to make you feel better about yourself - less self-conscious, etc.

But if your reason is to be ultra beautiful/perfect, then I don't think that reason is right. Because when do you know when to stop? Nobody's ever really perfect, correct?

Hiyah I dunno how to explain la! Basically my point is that people need to know when to stop.

I am not encouraging everyone to also go do it. I mean, there are plenty of blotched jobs around too, but just in case anyone is curious about what I think, 1 year after my nose job.... I never regretted it. Best day of my life in fact!

Junne very happy thinking about my implant lying around with my bone ashes :(

Still laugh!

Clara acting chio

Freaky? Hahahaha!

Nowadays I love to insert the lower ball bearing of my tongue stud into my straw (the size is exactly right!!) and pretend to innocent friends that the tongue stud got stuck and it really hurts a lot.

It freaks them out totally! :D

But in actual fact it is not painful at all. I did this to Mike 3 times and pretended to whimper in pain and ask him to take the straw out for me.

On the third try he finally wisened up and took the straw away from me. =(

Looks like you...

Your boyfriend!!!

Anyway hor, today I am damn angry at BEN!!!

People who don't play Mahjong won't understand so just skip it.

So... We were playing MJ right, then... everyone's cards was quite big except for Ben's... Nobody knew what he was doing la.

Then it was the very very last card. I drew a bloody BIRD.

The bird is a damn safe card coz there were already 3 on the discard pile and nobody wanted suos.

Since my card was the last card, by right I didn't have to throw it, correct?

But in my relief that the game was going to be a stalemate, I threw out the bird, like showing the others, "Cheh... nothing happening la! Last card so anti-climax!"

I didn't actually MEAN to throw out the bird la.

And suddenly... you guessed it.


When he opened his cards I thought he was just showing us that he ting pai or what...



TIO BAO $30!!!!!!!!!!!! (Coz we play shooter-pay)


Really a stunner lor. Ben insisted that if you throw out the last card it is still counted as throwing... Sorry!


End of MJ rants. At the end of the day Ben won $70 and I won $45 so I shall not complain!


I've received several emails and comments asking if I penned this. Wtf? Automatically it is me meh?

To this unfounded allegation, all I have to say is, WHERE IS THE PROOF?

No proof don't anyhow say hor! Wait I sue you ah! Tsk tsk!!

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