Don't just let it go

Horror story man!

Just a short update today. Very sleepy, just got back from a full, full meal at Indulgz. OMG I took so many pictures!! My tummy is as rotund as a rhino's.

Like a fat rhino, not a skinny one.

Anyway, I just thought I'd share this with you guys.

Does everyone know the clothing brand Chaos?

They have an outlet in Heeren as well as two stores in Far East, and the clothes in there are mostly tight and slutty.

The salesgirls are usually hot Malay chicks extruding a strong SPG impression.

So, since their clothes are slutty, Kay kay and I often shop there (whenever we go to those two malls).

I've always thought that (well-known) Singaporean shops would never cheat money from customers but I am proven wrong!

Before we even stepped into the shop, Kay was whining about how she just bought a dress from Chaos the last time she went there.

Her dress was put on the rack which says 20% off. On that same rack are other pieces made of the same material (ie from the same collection).

So she took the dress to the counter, and was prepared to pay $69.90 for her dress - that is BEFORE the 20% discount of course.

When she was charged, she was charged $69.90.

Of course, Kay demanded to know why her discount was not keyed in.

The salesgirl mumbled some excuse and asked her manager to come and settle the problem.

The manager, another one of those SPG chicks, said,

"Oh sorry, this was put on the wrong rack - actually it is not on discount."

Since KK already tried it on and liked it, she was very annoyed, obviously, because she set her mind on getting it already at the stipulated discount!

She asked why the pieces from the same collection are all on discount but the manager just said some rubbish excuse.

In the end, she bought it for $69.90.

This was a few days before we both entered the store again, together.

We both arrived at the 20% off rack, and there are the same $69.90 dresses that KK bought - now at 20% off!

KK was whining and was damn annoyed but I liked two of those dresses (different prints but exactly the same design as what KK saw the last time) so I tried them on.

When I was deciding if I should get one or both, I asked the same salesgirl:

"How much is it if I buy both?"

She punched in the numbers in her calculator, and for some reason, she came up with the magical number of $108.


20% off ($69.90 X 2) is $111.84 lor!

But of course at that time I didn't have a calculator with me, so I thought she was right.

After I took out my card to pay, the cash register said $125.82.

I almost signed for it, when I took a double take. Wait, what?? Why so much?

I asked her that question.

You know what the fucker replied?

"Oh... The cash register calculate
differently from the calculator..."

Wah! Like that also can ah?!!?!?



I was quite tired at that point, and I was this this this CLOSE to just giving up and paying the elevated amount. Just as I was about to just sign for it, KK stopped me and told me that 125 is definitely wrong.

I double confirmed with her whether both dresses are on the 20% discount, and she said yes.

At this point she was being fucking adamant that her calculations were right, so I started shouting and being generally very pissed off.

Kay Kay being her calm self when it comes to dealing with idiots, took the receipt, and pointed out the clear discrepency: She only took $14 off my total... when she was supposed to take $28.

Meaning only one of the dresses had a 20% discount.

When faced with her clear-as-day mistake, she still shook her head at us and acted like we are damn stupid you know! FUCKING ANGRY LA!

KK was damn condescending and spoke to her like she was retarded (which she is, make no mistake about that) and told her to issue two separate receipts for my two items so that both get the 20% off.

Finally I paid the right amount.

KK's turn.

She bought a halter top and a dress for $75.80.

She gave the same salesgirl $100.

She SHOULD get back $24.20 in change. Her receipt even said so.

But what she got in change was $20.20.


She thinks we are retards la!


Most people would not bother to check their change, but you have just proven yourself to be either 1) Fucking dishonest or 2) Fucking incompetent with sub-par mental ablities, of course we will check our change right???!

When a head-shaking KK told her about her "mistake", she gave her an irritated look and said,

"But the cash register is closed, cannot be opened anymore."


KK of course insisted the thieving slut to pay her back her $4, and she did so by opening her own wallet and giving KK a five dollar note with a black face.

Whatever la! KK still got to give her back $1 lor!

Clever right? Bloody sneaky...

If she says the cash register is closed, some people will tell her never mind and ask her to keep the change...

If she says she only has $5, if KK didn't have that $1, she might also say never mind and tell her to keep the $4.


3 cheating incidents in a row?

Somehow I don't think it is a coincidence!

The management of Chaos ought to think of firing some very, very dubious employees.

So yeah! I'm telling ya'll! Don't just let all these little "miscalculations" go!

She cheat me of $14, cheat KK of $4 plus another $14 from the last time....

Like that continue a few more customers she can earn damn a lot lor!! CCB!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Angry can!

I'm never going back to Chaos again!! Ahem. Or I might, but will be extra stringent when checking what I am supposed to pay!

If you had a similar experience there (or even elsewhere), I encourage you to write it in the comments to warn others!


p/s: But the dresses are really chio. Bare-back ones!!

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