My new babies

Since some of you have requested for their photos, here's a pic of the new additions to my family... my baby hamsters!

Just one pic at the moment as I am about to go sleep.

This grey one is a girl and she's called Nanolove... I have another one, Nano's sister. She's completely yellow and she's called Picolove! Pico's the runt of the lot and she is ultra super tiny.

Their breed is called "pudding" (I know, so cute), and they are slightly bigger than robos. Puddings come in yellow and blue and sometimes white (also known as pearl). The yellow kind are supposedly very rare!

I really really want a male yellow pudding baby to breed with them, so if you are selling one let me know!

As for the names... Well, Mike sorta came up with them... I have a stuffed bunny I call Minilove, and since the ham hams are smaller than Mini, they are called Nano and Pico lor...

(For a whole list from big to small see here. I know, Mike is so geeky.)

Anyway I'll post more pics when I have the time la.

I love them so much!!

POSTNOTE: Mike insists I clarify that he did not come up with the "love" suffix and that was added by me. Duh!!

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