Party party party!!!

It has been 2 whole months since I wrote my Plasticzilla entry!

And yet still no writ of summons from her!

She wants me to apologize to her on my blog and Straits Times, as well as propose damages (?!?!?!). Why should I apologize? Of course I said no.

I've said from the start that if she wishes to embarrass herself she can go ahead and sue me, and that those who live in glass houses should not be throwing stones.

Since then, she's been found to plagiarise not one or two, but many, many of her blog entries (how embarrassing) and well, been exposed for setting up various forum identities to praise herself and put down prettier girls (even more embarrassing - is this true Dawn?)...

She wanted me to apologize.

As it turns out, she first had to apologize on the Newpaper for her plagiarism. Can someone say... karma?

So all in all, things seem to be going great for me!

My script is going well, my face is skinny and my lips are fat (thanks to Dr Georgia Lee), my blog readers are awesome, someone lost 2 advertorial deals and I gained a few, the world is rainbow-filled, etc...

What's there not to celebrate about?

Therefore, in collaboration with Thumper...

I AM THROWING A PARTAE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*confetti in air!!!*



I especially invite all the cozycotters who have worked so hard. You guys are awesome. It's time to stop print-screening and let your hair down! Princesses and peasants, let's all party until our bra straps fall down! Extra goodie bags for those who are real Eurasians!! ;)

All blog readers, whether you love me, hate me or is totally indifferent to me, you must come too!!

All my friends will be there too (or they will suffer my wrath) so you can see them in real life!


I am planning a little extra something for the party!! You'll see when you go!

Don't forget: Next saturday, 13th of September!

Party starts at 9pm till late! From 9pm till 10pm there is free entry and 1 for 1 drinks. From 10pm onwards, there is a cover charge of $15, inclusive of 1 drink free.

For all students, if you show your student pass you are entitled to 1 for 1 too! Woohoo!

Thumper is located at Goodwood Park Hotel.

Sorry but since alcohol will be served, only those above 18 are allowed entry.

I'll see ya all!!

This event is an open-invitation on facebook, so go and RVSP yourself if you are coming!

*twirls around the room happily*

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