I Toblerone you, You toblerone me!!


Valentine's Day is coming again! Now that I have a boyfriend, I lovesssss it! (Don't despair if you don't have one or got a shitty one, your time will come too! Remember I waited 4 years! 4 years of being SINGLE!)

To those girls who go like, "I hate V day, if you are in love, everyday is V day!" - well, screw off! Stop spoiling the market for other girls who know very well what you said is true but would love to exploit our boyfriends for one day anyway!

Mike already booked our venue for the 14th of Feb - that day is exactly 1 month shy of our 3rd year anniversary!!! My, time flies!!

Anyway, speaking of V day, what presents are you guys thinking of getting your loved ones?

From my blog title you can probably guess what I am going to recommend you.

That's right: Toblerone chocolates!

The chocs not my dog ok, thanks.

In Toblerone's special V day packaging no less!

No wait! Before you close the browser mumbling what an over-commercialised blogger I am recommending a cliched gift, listen!

Firstly, girls still like chocolates and flowers, whether or not they admit it. We love everything that requires effort on your part, the more self sacrifice on your part the better.

Buying a huge bouquet of flowers and carrying it around is slightly humiliating, and therefore, if you are willing to do it, it means you love us! :D

And secondly, there is a really interesting contest involved!!

To take part, first get your box of major yums Toblerone chocolate:

Hmmm... It's like a nest of baby Toblerones waiting to be gobbled!

Inside the box you'd find a small piece of paper with your unique code!

Don't copy mine hor!!

Then, go to...


This is actually creative and fun!

You are to create a gift online for whoever you love - and the most creative gift will have their virtual creations matched one for one in real life!

Is that fun or what?

Here's mine:

I reckoned that there is nobody I love more than myself, so I shall send this gift to me!

However, it appears that this tendency of loving oneself so much is not very common - there is no option to give this to myself, so I chose cousins.

The thought that I am my own cousin terrifies me. (Which I am not!)

Next you click and drag the items you want into the box!

There are loads and loads of things to choose from!

I am so unpredictable - look, I chose all the pick stuff!! And I SO need a purple cap... Gimme, Toblerone!!

This is so exciting, I saw that they even have Coach bangles!!

You can then give your loved one a mushy message:

Awww, how sweet.

And send!


Ok la don't be so bad, I also picked some stuff out for Mike:

With a loving message:

See what a good girlfriend I am?!

But Valentine's Day is not just a day to show your boyfriend/girlfriend how you feel.

So here's to the woman who have been with me, thick and thin, through many ex-boyfriends who broke my heart: My mom!!!

Here's what I got for her!

Coach bangles - she loves purple. A necklace and a brooch I think she'd like... An organiser because hers is full to burst. A pink baggie because I stole her pink Fila bag and now she has no swimming bag... Sorry mom!!!


So go send your loved ones a virtual gift now that might turn into reality! Even if you didn't buy your Toblerone yet, you can still play with this. :)

Remember to show love to whoever deserves it, not just your partner or crush!!

Not for you, Pumpkin!!! How can something so yummy be poisonous for dogs?

p/s: Hair is tied up at the back in the pretense of short hair. I didn't cut!!

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