New vids!!

Sorry for not blogging for so long! I've been really busy writing advertorials :(

Anyway, here are new videos - do go check them out if you are bored!!


I try out Yoga with less than optimal results.


Truth or Dare part II!!

And Kaykay doesn't love me anymore she super long never meet me liao!!

OK, I must be the suayest person in the world when it comes to computers. My PC keeps having this same problem: After reinstalling it, everything will be fine for about 2 weeks.

Then, it will slowly begin to hang more and more often, until it is completely fucked and won't turn on.

Anybody has any idea what is the problem with the crazy fucker??! Why does it keep doing that??!

It can't be my installed programs because it takes 2 weeks to go crazy! It's not my hard drive coz I already changed one (still same problem with the new one), and I don't think it's my ram either. WTF?????

It has to be a hardware problem, right?!

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