I'm lying in bed now, having just woken up.

My poor blog looks so stupid with no updates I've decided to tell you all about my mediocre day yesterday.

First I woke up at 11am and the sun was blazing hot. Then I called my friend and yelled at him, "Omg let's go tanning!!!!"

My friend said ok, but he needs to go to the gym first. I said I'd meet him at his place at 1.30pm then.

Boiled potatoes to make mashed potatoes. Talked to shuyin on msn. Burnt potatoes. Whole house smelt like burnt potatoes. Hahahaha! I'm so descriptive. Ok fine, it smelt rancid.

Cut off the burnt parts. Mashed potatoes with some water (no milk at home), chunks of butter and a dollop of mayo. It's fab. I make fab mashed potatoes.

Mike came home for lunch.

Pumpkin pooped on the shoe rack. Got walloped and time-out-ed in her toilet. (Till later)

Packed potatoes in microwaveable rectangular plastic box and left for friend's place. Took a cab. Had the cleverness to call him before I reached to find out he is still ta pao-ing food at cineleisure.

I stopped the cab there (he stays in orchard, has own swimming pool!!), and he went to buy LJS while I bought the fake jap food from cine's basement.

Meanwhile, went to do do club (just beside food place) with the intentions to buy fake eyelashes, if they got nice ones.

I picked 4.

The price was $19.80!

I jumped and said, "Why so expensive??"

Woman said coz one packet is $4.95.

I said, "Oh you all increased the price, used to be $3.80."

Stupid woman said, "No, it has always been this price."

Retard to the max! I clearly remember it was $3.80 coz I must have bought at least 40 pairs of lashes from there! Always been $4.95 my ass!! Always been that price since she's been working there maybe!!

So I said, "I don't want it anymore."

The semi-evolved human said, "Huh, all of them?"

I answered in the affirmative.

She yelled, "But I already keyed them in!!" And acted like I have to do her a favour and pay up $19.80 just coz she already keyed my lashes in!!! Wtf??

It's not my problem that she keyed it in and I told her as much. Ridiculous.

Walked away. Nobody stopped me, although I'm sure they would be cursing me for the rest of the day.

With food, went to my friend's place, took off clothes (with bikini left of course) and AHHHHhhhhhh! Sun!! We had a decadent time eating at the pool.

Tanned till 5pm. I was a bit burnt.

Wongsie and mike then came over (asked Mike to release Pumpkin from Time-Out) and all 4 of us went to Jumbo seafood to eat.

We had drunken prawns, scallops wrapped in yam, mee goreng, spinach and mushroom tofu, and kang kong! It was not bad.

Then we adjoined to The Daily Scoop for ice cream, which was closed. Went to Udders instead. I had Strawberry Fields and Cempedak icecream!!

And then mike sent everyone home and we went home too.

I started reading My Sister's Keeper. It's promising. Finished to page 15.

Fell asleep till now.

And this is the first blog post written on my berry!!

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