More Rolling, now for men!


Remember my Loreal-Garnier Eye Roll-On advertorial? Now Biotherm came up with a product similar to that, but for guys!!


The Biotherm High Recharge Yeux!

Have no idea what Yeux means but it sure sounds all sciencey and like something that your eyes would love!

Eyebags and dark eye rings are unattractive for BOTH men and women, but the difference is that there are loads of products for women to help them with this problem!

I have like 5 different eye creams myself. -_-

But none for men - till now!

This little tube contains Pure Ginseng and Thermal Plankton among other ingredients to soothe tired eyes! It's an instant solution for men when it comes to erasing eye fatigue!

This little cold metal ball gives easy application... it dispenses a cool, clear gel which perks up and feels good against drowsy eyes.

Instant freshness!

Men are usually lazy when it comes to the maintenance of their appearances, but there are ways to "persuade" them to work harder.

How far would men go doing crazy, slightly gross, and very questionable home remedies on their eyes just because they are asked by a gorgeous girl?

Biotherm did a hilarious campaign just to find this out!

Check out these poor dudes:

I would never have believed it, but these guys allowed Jeanne, the "Eye-Fatigue Therapist", to put DURIANS on their eyes!!

I love durians perhaps more than most people, but I won't allow durians on my eyes lor!

And two whole durians (seeds, not the spiky fruit, duh, that would be so painful)?? So sticky... and worse, the smell will be ON YOUR FACE for the whole day!


My second favourite video is SALMON!

Would anyone really believe that putting a slab of really fishy-smelling raw salmon on your eyes would curb fatigue??

These guys try it anyway!!

If you are really sadistic and want to watch more guys getting duped, putting things like bittergourds, cheese and grass jelly on their eyes, CLICK HERE!

But at the end of the day, of course, only Biotherm's HIGH RECHARGE YEUX works.

As Takeshi Kaneshiro endorses with his royal handsomeness.

I put some on Mike...

Poor guy has been sleeping very little due to his heavy workload...

Me to Mike, "It's all yours... Stop being lazy and..."

Men should be trained to be more vain!!

Wooooo! Promotion!

To get a COMPLIMENTARY eye massage, skin consultation and free samples from Biotherm's consultants, all you have to do is:





Click here to see the list of outlets you may go to go get your freebies!!

It's time to drag your boyfriend down there and get him cuter!

p/s: You know who should really use this? J Lo's husband, Marc Anthony!

His eyebags/dark eye circles really makes him look like a combination of vulture and vampire.


I often have nightmares about Mike.

The most common recurring one is about him generally just flying back to the USA and being totally uncontactable.

It's always night during those dreams and would involve me bombarding his phone but constantly typing in the wrong number!

When I finally get his number right, I'd either get

- An engaged tone. (WTF giving me hope)

- A message saying the phone number is no longer in use.

- An unhelpful helpdesk sorta person telling me Mike already left the country and his location is not to be revealed to me, which often results in me begging her.

- Mike himself picking up and telling me to stop bothering him, and I can never find him.

It's fucking horrible!!!!!

I presume I get these nightmares coz I'm still traumatized over the few alcoholic occasions when he went drinking with his colleagues and went uncontactable. HATE IT!

Anyway, yesterday I had the worst nightmare regarding Mike EVER.

It was so long and continuous and contained so much details I twittered 7 tweets about it.

Anyway, my followers on Twitter told me to go blog instead so here I am!

It started out with Mike going out with my family members on some trip.

Suddenly he collapsed to the ground. My uncles and cousins all tried to pick him up.

I was obviously damn worried he died so I kept shrieking at people to send him to the goddamn hospital. Everyone told me to relax, which pissed me off greatly.

For some reason we were in Ang Mo Kio and finally an ambulance from Ang Mo Kio hospital came and picked the still unconscious Mike into a green stretcher.

A female doctor in a surgical gown (green too, with green gloves) was operating on Mike as me and my family members looked on anxiously. Well I knew I was anxious, not sure about my dream family.

While on the operating table, there was an LED screen near to Mike and it was flashing red words. These were details about Mike. The words read "Mike, 28, DIVORCEE".

I know technically it should read "Divorced", but please don't correct my grammar in a dream.

Anyway, so it was revealed that Mike was freaking MARRIED before he met me!!!!!!!

Everyone was very shocked by this revelation and my family all gave me pitying looks.

I was like, "WHO IS THIS MIKE GUY? I don't know him at all!" in my mind but I was actually more concerned about his physical state!

Anyway, the doctor was damn curt and said Mike had a heart attack.

I woke up.

And fell back asleep again, continuing the dream.

Mike recovered and suddenly he was cheating on me with this girl called Vivian, who is a friend's friend that I just added on facebook. I haven't even seen Vivian in seriously like 8 years!!! And 8 years ago I maybe saw her like 3 times!!

WTF lor super ridiculous.

So anyway, this Vivian was at our new place and she and Mike were already together!

It was damn awkward.

For some reason Vivian was like watching me as I chose clothes to wear.

And I chose this white top and black skirt... Then I set the black skirt down as I wore the white top, and couldn't find the black skirt. Then I had to settle for a white with black polka dots skirt.

Anyway, the white top was MESH and the skirt was damn ugly so essentially I dressed really hideously in front of Vivian who scoffed at me!

And Mike gave her a loving look which obviously said, "See, she's so ugly, thank god I chose you!"

I then somehow suggested to Mike that I should "get the house" and he can move out, and he actually replied, "That's what you were hoping for, isn't it?"

Which is completely illogical coz the house is a rental.

And then my friends were there to support and comfort me. I didn't realise it during the dream, but I've fought with these friends in real life and are no longer in contact with them. Goddamn it, as if the dream wasn't bad enough already!

I started to actually physically fight him, and woke up at this point.

Sucks balls man.

Poor Mike (the real one) had to suffer 15 mins of my "Were you ever married?" questions.

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