Never too old to learn/Add me on FB

Today I realised that in Pet Society and Farmville there are cherry trees, and in both games they are depicted as pink trees.

I stupidly asked Shuyin on MSN, "Are cherry trees pink??"

Before she replied I already google-imaged and INDEED THEY ARE!!!!!!!!

SO CHIO!!!!!!

In fact, only the flowers are pink lah.

Those trees are obviously instantly recognisable as SAKURA (Cherry blossom) trees.

And it may sound really stupid, but I never thought Cherry blossoms and cherry trees were the same thing... -_-

All my life I knew Cherry blossoms were pink, but never once has it occurred to me that that same plant also actually bears cherries!!

Fuck! Now I love them!!

In fact I thought cherries grew like strawberries! Like close to the ground (Cmon they look kinda similar...).

I am very amazed that I learnt something new from stupid facebook games. LOL.


If you already knew this information and, like your instincts are telling you to, wish to tell me I am exceedingly stupid for not knowing, you can just SHUT IT.

Not knowing information is not a sign of stupidity but simply the lack of knowledge.

Everyone lacks knowledge - you for example, probably do not know much about, say, Mongolian fish farming. Is it fair if a Mongolian Fish Farmer calls you stupid? If he grew up amongst fish farmers, all the knowledge he knows may seem like COMMON SENSE/COMMON KNOWLEDGE to him.

What is most important is the willingness to learn new things and not be ashamed to admit that you don't know something.

So yup, shut it.

Am editing photos. Will post them in a bit.

Meanwhile, comments are disabled for POTM. I realised that if you allow anonymous comments, generally no good comes out of it. After all, people are constantly looking out for ego trips by insulting others.

I don't blame y'all. I often wish to leave disparaging comments on stupid people's blogs too. I admit it's fun to piss people off.

But I don't because I have a morbid phobia of being found out it's me.

That and I'm simply too lazy.

Meanwhile, I am considering opening my fb account to add blog readers on limited profiles. However, I have NO IDEA how to prevent said limited profile people from leaving comments on wall posts or photos!! What the hell is this??

Can someone enlighten me?!


You can add me on Facebook here!

That's my "fan" page done by my blog reader Mari, who's smashing!!

Take note that that page is not created by me, and the things written there are not written by me either.

:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

p/s: Now everyone's saying that cherry blossom trees do not bear fruit. I actually wiki-ed it before posting this and nowhere says it doesn't... So right now I'm very confused.

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