Crystal's Best Friend

Today I got one of the weirdest FB message from one of the weirdest people I've ever heard from:

Because you are obviously bonkers.

And you don't use 's correctly.

I don't understand why she has to keep asking me how Disneyland was. Is it that important? It's all on my fucking blog wtf.

p/s: No, I don't know Crystal Siew at all, ok? That's why it's funny, coz she (Miu) is so random!

p/p/s: What's all this about me being MEAN?? I mosaic-ed her face and name what! Not like anyone knows who this is... WTF. State opinion about an unknown person also cannot??

UPDATE: OMG! So many of your moralistic fucksticks reading me! Yabbering this and that about how old this chick and is all... Listen: WHO GIVES A FUCK WHETHER SHE IS 6 or 60??

The point is I didn't state her name or post her photo!

For all you know she could be a fictional character I created... Then you'd feel really stupid now, won't you??

And besides, when I posted this, I didn't even click on her profile. I didn't know how old she was, but even if I did, I doubt it would have changed a single thing.

It beats the hell out of me how so many of you saints managed to find her fb profile.

Fucking ironic too, if you ask me.

If this annoys you, if you think that I'm abusing my 'power' and that I'm mean-spirited, you know what to do don't you?


But instead, there you are, reading, commenting, and even going on fb to search for this chick's fb profile and nitpicking shit. Ridiculous.

And some of you are pitying this supposedly poor girl. Save your condescending sympathy. There are much sadder beings out there than a girl who was called bonkers by a blogger she pestered, ok?? And since when did you care so much? Go channel your energies to consoling people whose families died in natural disasters can?

There are over 3 billion blogs out there... Surely there are a few that are up to your high moralistic standards. So go read those, and stop trying to change me or tell me what to do. It's not gonna work.

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