Haven't even unpacked my last luggage and I'm off again!!!

This time Mike and I are going to Disneyland in HONG KONG!!

My first time going there (DL in HK), so I'm quite excited!

The last time I went to disneyland in LA I had a crazily smashing time. Only regret I had was not buying more souvenirs! This time imma go crazy.

So yup.

Don't think I'd be updating here for the next 3 days, except for maybe twitter or POTM if I manage to find free wifi.

Everytime I go to HK I feel so happy that I'm a Cantonese and a relatively fluent one! *blabbers in Cantonese* there. I just proved it.

V sian that the weather is quite cold though. Mike is ultra pleased about it. -_-

Ok see ya guys in 3 days!


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