Psycho bitch

I think twitter is awesome because it is somehow even more revealing of people's personalities than blogs are. That's coz when people blog emotional posts it's triggered by certain feelings. I like to blog when I'm pissed off, so that's the constant emotion that's portrayed here (in the text parts anyway).

Some people blog when they are happy. Some when they are emo. And therefore only certain personality traits are shown.

But on twitter you see happy tweets and angry tweets and bored tweets etc etc!

And then there are psycho tweets. So I'm gonna blog about this psycho bitch who keeps replying me on twitter.

A few days ago I went to Far East Plaza and walked past my tattoo's artist Jeremy's shop. So I stopped by to say hi and enquired where Jeremy is.

One of the staff/owner there said Jeremy is no longer here and is in Europe. I don't know if I heard wrongly or whatever but he also said that Jeremy is not coming back. I asked why and the answer is coz can earn more money there (in Europe).

So I tweeted that I'm sad coz Jeremy is no longer available in Singapore. And that when you mix talented people with publicity, they will be so busy and successful you can't use their services anymore!

Jeremy was featured in the first episode of Guide to Life but when I was talking about publicity, I WAS NOT TALKING ABOUT ME GIVING HIM PUBLICITY.

I was talking about publicity in general, which talented people are bound to get, from me or whoever!!

(Even if I'm talking about me so what? Truth is I've sold out many products before!)

Enter psycho bitch:

Very polite and normal right? She is apparently the cousin of another Tattoo Artist, E (whom I've also met and like quite a lot, he is also v talented), and supposedly Jeremy is gonna work with E now and will be back tomorrow or something. But I have no idea how true her info is coz as mentioned, psycho bitch.

So I just replied pleasantly that I'm happy Jeremy will still be in Singapore and that I must have got or heard wrong info from the guy in Jeremy's old shop.


WTF MAXIMUM??????????????

So I misheard info also cannot is it? She @messaged a bunch of people to complain about how she cannot stand me and all... With shitloads of logical fallacies!

(none of these people replied her wtf)

Kena accused of feeling like a "LOSER". What has "feeling like a loser" got to do with me not screaming at her? Totally don't get it.

And why the hell would I scream at her when she was so polite to me?

I didn't even see her crazy timeline (obviously I don't follow her) till today coz another follower informed me about her (I presume this follower kpo went to see psycho bitch's profile).

If not for someone informing me I'd think this girl is so nice lor! Then never mind.

She must have read my reply (I replied before I knew how psycho she is) about misunderstanding the ex-colleague of Jeremy's, so she tweeted:

Two more perfectly normal, nice tweets.

So I got curious after seeing the first few abusive tweets, and I went to read her timeline all the way from the beginning. And here it is, chronologically:

In reply to my tweet about Heidi Montag's surgery. I replied that Heidi told Hello magazine she did 10 surgeries in one day. Her reply:

Psycho bitch being nice.

And in reply to my tweet about attending my first wedding as the couple's friend, not relative:

And in reply to me doing eyelash extensions:

Such a sweet girl!

Another nice tweet

In reply to me buying a hat for my ROM.
(I didn't reply or replied positively)




Logic fail.

I really don't know.

And you know what's the funniest thing??


MAXIMUM IRONY!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here's a tweet she wrote:

So you don't get why you don't get clients, but everyone who is or will be a client in future is a bimbo who can't plan their own wedding?!

When did I ever said I'm classy?!?!

Then why are you constantly replying me like you like me?! WTF?

And a mere 4 hours before her abusive "tattoo artist" tweets, she was teaching me how to cook lady's fingers:


I can't decide if she hates me or loves me.

p/s: Comments containing her URLs will be deleted.

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