Random photos before I go go

Flying off to Tbilisi, Georgia in about an hour so I thought I'd post some photos before I go! Will be back on the 18th.

Camwhoring photos x 3:

Might have over-photoshopped this. LOL... But whatever lah!


Attended my RVHS classmate Ripple's wedding! She's the third in our class to get married... I'm number 4 if I'm not wrong!

Ripple's chio gown with a mad long train!

The wedding was aviation-themed so we all got air tickets for our seating!

Mike and I. Everytime I spell that I feel like writing "Mike and Ike". WTF

My ticket!

Decorations were in tiffany blue :)

They gave us a feather pen and I was trying to camwhore with it but damn fail coz

1) The feather doesn't go with a human head and is indeed sticking out in an awkward position.

2) Lousy photographer obviously used finger to cover part of lens

3) Kena photobombed by chao angmoh in background. TENSO!

Exclassmates Peiying + Jizhang

Look at this crazy humongous "cake" that the bridal couple DIY-ed! Madness!

Ripple must have painted on the pearls... She's always been crazy good at art!

Only managed to snap one lousy photo of the couple watching down the aisle... Note to self: Walk down aisle VERY VERY slowly

Ripple's second outfit + little luggage!

Our table... These photos are so pointless lah everyone's head so small!

Eekean acting cute

Gillian and I playing with the stickers that we got from the Cupid event some time ago... She's a skincare junkie (she really is, she like brought her 48 step skin care regime to fucking Dayang Island where the toilets don't have a heater or even goddamn lights) while I am a botox addict!

On a side note I was using this photo as a twitter profile picture some time ago. My mom saw the thumbnail and she didn't know how to enlarge it so for the longest time she was wondering what that was on my nose and she said I look like Mickey Mouse. LOL!!

Picture taken during the breakdancing episode of Guide to Life!

I was trying to be sporty ok I'm not normally so act cute!

Visit to the IR

Went with Ming + his friends to Resort World... We ate at:

My cod fish... Ok only... Not terrible but nothing on Forlino

The boys ordering

Went to relax at Ming's room at Hard Rock Hotel... It's nice there!

Sheena posing while watching TV


Been so goddamn busy this month! On top of all this travelling I have adverts to do too!

In case you don't have Twitter or are not following me there for whatever retarded reason, I can finally say why I went to San Francisco!!!


It is because I am one of the 15 very privileged Super Bloggers/Vloggers WORLDWIDE who were chosen to visit PIXAR STUDIOS in Emeryville, San Francisco!

Is it cool or what!! Pixar is very very exclusive and doesn't usually get visitors!

We watched Toy Story 3 - a roughly 98% finished version - 2 months before everyone else can!

Director Lee Unkrich (who is so nice and funny btw) informed us that just a few nights before us Tom Hanks and Tim Allen (voices of Woody and Buzz respectively) also watched the same version!

It was so freaking awesome - even better than TS 1 and TS 2 - which is really amazing coz I LOVE both!

So obviously I took LOTS-O (heh heh heh if you are TS fan you will know) photos but they are not edited yet. When I come back I will publish them, so stay tuned!!

Don't switch blogs! Mine is the best! Lalalala!

Camwhoring shot as dessert. Bam. Yet another fab blog entry. TYTYTY

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