Lateral Canthoplasty, blepharoplasty and fillers :D

Those of you following my tweets already know I did something really drastic yesterday. I did plastic surgery!!

And not just namby pamby nonsense - two eye surgeries at once!!

That's Lateral Canthoplasty... Meaning cutting the outer corner of eyes, and Blepharoplasty... Meaning cutting double eyelids (I already have them, just did them higher).

Went to Malaysia to do it coz my friend (let's call her A) also did it and the results are nice!!

Plus the each procedure is only freaking 1.8k RINGGIT. Meaning altogether I spent like 1.6k SGD only!! WTF so cheap. Not sharing where I did it so don't ask. Actually I also don't know where it is coz I just followed A to the clinic.

The doctor is from China and he does like a LOT of surgeries a day lah. Everything there is so casual. They had a consultation with me for like 5 mins (speak Chinese only), during which the doctor was like touching my eyes to picture how it would look like after different procedures.

Then they suggested Epicanthoplasty. Meaning cutting the INNER corner of the eyes but that one has a lot of downtime plus is more invasive coz of the tear ducts.

Although Epi is the surgery that really widens your eyes. Lateral only lengthens fml. However my issue with my eyes is that they are too narrow/short. So lateral it was!

See this girl's Epi PLUS Laternal PLUS double eyelid surgery. Remind you of someone's eyes? HEHE

It all happened so fast. Unlike my nose job with Dr Martin Huang which involved 2 consultations before the surgery and shitloads of aftercare visits (I think like 20), bandages, medicine and loads of prep work etc, this clinic was like MEH... ARE YOU READY NOT LET'S DO IT HURRY UP.

It felt so casual I felt like I was only doing a Brazilian wax lor.

So I went upstairs to surgical room and laid down on the bed.

Face cleaned with antiseptic and covered with some cloth.

Doctor injected LA into my eyelids, 3 shots. Not painful. Then begin sewing double eyelids with no hesitation. (they pull a string thru so it is actually reversible)

BAM! 10 mins and it's done.

Injected LA under my eyes. FUCKING PAINFUL. I have a high tolerance of pain and I actually YELLED. It was soooo bad!!

Proceeded to do the lateral surgery, no idea how it's done but it doesn't seem that hard. Finished an eye in 5 mins. Did the same thing with the other.

He asked me to open my eyes and look at him. I did. He said OK, everything done. LEFT THE ROOM!!

Nurse cleaned my face up (2 mins) and I went down the stairs (no assistance) to my friends who were waiting below for me.

Went to the toilet where I saw the "after" for the first time. Looks very swollen and horrid but I've been warned that that's the case.

AND I WENT SHOPPING AFTER THIS. With shades lah. Eyes were slightly uncomfortable and moving eyeballs side to side is painful!! 2 tea eggs, one Paul Smith shirt (outlet mall) and 1 cup corn later, went back to Singapore.

Instead of sleeping I actually went to finish my Essential ad below!! I must be ding dong.

Anyway Mike didn't want me to do either surgery but I told him I *might* be doing the lateral and he very begrudgingly agreed. He said he loves my eyes as they were *touched*

However when I went to the clinic I thought I might as well do the double eyelids too at the same time lah!! Can just recover from both together... And I thought I could kinda smoke him through the double eyelid surgery by just not mentioning it.

Erm but he saw through it at once and got quite pissed off with me. :(


Enough words here are the photos:

No make up or photoshop on the eyes. They are still very very swollen now with red sores on the eyeballs but that's normal.

I know it looks freaky but this is only day 2!! Will get better one :D

Although I must say I already love the surgery!!! The difference is mad drastic!!

And this is the before. If you say got no difference and that my eyes were already beautiful you must be blind.

Anyway I had to search damn long for a photo of me with no make up knn.

Here's another Before shot. Look at the amount of white that's visible at the eye ends and compare to the After shot!

And FML last time I'm always very conscious about my small short eyes that's why I always wear glasses when I'm out without make up. NOW DON'T NEED ANYMORE!!

Eyelids - the bruises will go away

And my freaky eyeballs. They are not bleeding, just traumatized. The wounds leak a little plasma + blood though.

Also you can see the stitches.

Since we are at the topic of plastic surgery, last month I visited Dr Georgia Lee again for fillers for my laugh lines!!

She is FANTASTIC once again and did fillers for me on lips (my third time), nose (first time) and laugh lines (first time).

I saw Christopher Lee there when I went!! She is like really popular with all the stars can!! Feel so privileged coz she is SO talented and has an awesome sense of aesthetics. :D

This one MUST share: 64620083 - TLC clinic at Holland Village.

No she is not paying me!!

I've always felt the tip of my nose was a little flat so here it is after fillers:

Awesome or what!! It's like a nose job which is non invasive! Also note lips are a lot more perky :D

And this is the After of my lips!! Loves it. Will never live without fillers on lips anymore.

Ok fine so many things done at once sounds like I'm mad addicted to plastic surgery but I'm not lah!!

Fillers are totally temporary and does not involve any cutting.

And I'm probably not going to do any more "real" plastic surgery after this man. I'm fine with everything else on my body. Not that I wasn't fine with my eyes lah but I was just being kinda reckless coz I was so simple and fuss-free getting it done!!

The recovery of my eyes is a BITCH!! Nose job was so much easier.

I'd probably get shitloads of nasty comments for this post but I quote Dumbledore: The truth is generally preferable to lies. I'm not going to pretend I never did my eyes; I can never be comfortable with that.

Anyway it's my face lah you can call me a plastic bitch all you want (it doesn't affect coz it's true), I happy can already.

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