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I love camwhoring! Why not? Only young once so much take more, more, more photos! And if those photos are chio it's a great way to get attention online! After our online personality is more and more important nowadays so it's smart to put your best face forward :D

Obviously make up is a super important element in snapping super chio photos so today I'm gonna show ya all how I put on make up!

If you think it's excessive or whatever please, click this page away. You may not appreciate it but other people might, so why spoil the fun for others? It's like going to some vegetarian recipe webpage and posting "EWWW WHY NO MEAT ONE IT'S SO GROSS MOCK MEAT IS JUST FLOUR YOU ARE AN IDIOT OF A CHEF PLEASE POST A REAL RECIPE NEXT TIME."

Like what's your point? You wanna see meat recipes? Go to a relevant webpage. You wanna see simple, natural make up? THIS IS NOT THE URL FOR IT.

Back to the topic: I think the last time I did a make up post was back in 2005... Super long ago.

So this is my "no make-up" picture.

Fresh after a bath. As explained in the photo, I couldn't remove my lash extensions... And obviously it's photoshopped... But hey, I left my moles on!

Step 1: PUT IN CONTACTS! Uber important, do not neglect this step!

Step 2 is to apply 2-way cake foundation! I've been using ZA's foundation all my life. Another great brand is Revlon's colorstay liquid foundation with SoftFlex technology... Because of its LONGEVITY! It really really won't come off for the whole day! However, the colours are not that nice so I apply ZA on top of it.

Notice I put foundation on my lips. This is to conceal any inconsistency in lip colour before I apply lipstick. Important also!!

After drawing brows and putting on Bronzer!!

My brow pencil is dunno what brand from Japan and my bronzer is from Victoria's secret.

I'm in love with bronzer recently! It really gives you a healthy glow!

And I used my eyebrow pencil to shade my nose bridge also!

Sorry there are no photos of me actually doing the make up coz it's very hard to snap yourself doing make up... You ownself imagine lah hor.

This is after eye make up...

White highlighter eyeshadow all over, brown eyeshadow to enhance the double eyelids, and a thin line of liquid brown eyeliner (mine is $4.90 from Aries) to line the eyes.

At this point you make apply falsies if you don't have extensions like me.

Also, stuck on lower lashes, and put some MAC glitter on the inner eye corners! :D

And here's what I meant by brown eyeshadow to exhance the double eyelids.

After blusher, lipstick + gloss and a hair bow! Tadah!!

For blusher any pink toned blusher will do. Lipstick: Mac's "Honeylove" as a base, Chanel hot pink gloss on top.

More camwhoring shots!


Wondering why I'm posting all these make up tips? Coz I'm very NICE ok! I'm trying to help you WIN AN AWESOME CONTEST!!!

Very simple one!! Participants just need to create a profile and upload two photos of themselves... One BEFORE photo and one AFTER photo!!

Before and after what? Make up, of course!

Just to illustrate, here's a video of one of the contestants...

Erm... She is quite... unique. But don't worry you don't need to take video, photo can already!

And the prizes... Oh so generous!

CamQueen of the Year will win $5,000!!!!

This will be chosen by a panel of judges.

There will another prize of $1,000 for the People's Choice Award... For the babe who manages to get the most people to "like" their picture!!

But of course, somebody generous must be sponsoring the prizes right!!? And that someone is YOU.C1000!!

I'm sure you have seen You.c1000 drinks in our local supermarket/convenience stores before. I love it! Even though it's in a smallish bottle, it is SUPER GAO (I have no idea how to translate this I suppose the closest is 'thick) and very very fizzy and the strong lemony flavour immediately perks you up!

And not only is it yummy, most importantly of all it's chockful of Vitamin C!! 1000mg in the bottle!

I suppose that's why it's called "C" 1000... Just in case you don't know how much vitamin C that is, our recommended intake of Vitamin C per day is 250mg to 4,000mg! Your body doesn't manufacture or store excess Vitamin C, so obviously it's better to get more Vitamin C goodness daily! And I've been reading reviews and loads of people said they felt better after drinking this when they are ill. :)

Plus Vitamin C is totally anti-aging!! Super important for me!!

Also comes in orange flavour and bigger bottles of isotonic drinks!

So back to the topic:


Good luck!!

p/s: There are already 350 participants before I even posted this blog entry... Wah it's getting so much traction!! Even got well-known bloggers taking part! Some of the before and after shots have really drastic differences so you can just go look-see even if you don't wanna take part. Very interesting!

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