Ways to get back your long, lustrous hair!


Hello!! I am here to give you tips on
how to make your hair chioer!!!!

The questions I get asked the most in real life are ALWAYS related to my hair. Is it real? How do you bleach it? How come it's so long and still quite healthy?

I'm totally happy with my hair now because DESPITE being bleached every single month, it is HEALTHIER than it was when I had brown hair!! It's totally shiny and I'm in love with it!! Of course, it's not perfect - but I've never met another bleached blonde who has longer and shinier hair than me! If you wanna know why my hair is so well-nourished...

It's all about caring for the last 15cm!

Q: Why is caring for the last 15cm so important?

A: Coz there is no need to trim your hair anymore!

Let's face it... Most of us girls want super healthy luscious long locks because it compliments the female form the best!

Long swishy hair is super sexy!

However... Most of us resort to regular trimming to get healthy hair ends. The end result? We can't get the long hair we want and it keeps remaining at an annoying shoulder length.

So if you have taken good care of your hair ends, your hair will not need to be trimmed anymore, and you can get the hair length you've always desired!

Qns: Why does the last 15cm need more care then?

Ans no. 1: Your hair ends are senior citizens!

Hair grows at 1.25cm per month, which means it takes 1 year to grow a full 15cm!!

So imagine if you have shoulder-length hair, your hair ends should be about 2 years older than your roots.

Since I have waist length hair I think my ends are about 4-5 years old!!

Maybe I should bake my hair ends a cake.

Ans no. 2: The last 15 cm is pretty much burnt from tonging!

Flat irons or curling tongs usually go up to about 175 degrees.

This is the same temperature used by our clothes dryer to wring out moisture from wet laundry!! Super hot lah!!

So of course this will lead to hair damage!

Compared to hair at your crown, your hair ends have been through a lot!  They are the oldest and have been 'tormented' the most by various hair procedures such as dyeing, tonging or perming.

Hair fact of life: Hair "processing" takes up 60% of a year!

Females in general spend an average of about 2 hours a week just washing, blow drying and styling their hair. Erm, I think this seems inaccurate coz I think I spend a lot more than 2 hours a week wtf.

Anyway, if that statistic is right for you, it means by the time we reach 65, we'd have spent more than 7 months of our lives on HAIR!!!

Giving equal care and attention to your roots and ends simply won't work because your hair ends need so much more attention!! If you wish to maintain or grow out your hair, special care is needed for those fragile ends.

There is a hair care range made
specially for the last 15 cm! ;)


If it's able to repair the most damaged 15 cm, it is definitely good enough for the rest of your hair ;)

Shampoo and conditioning everyday is not enough! For advance care treatment options, be sure to put on the Hair Mask and Hair Essense!

To use the hair mask, be sure to apply an appropriate amount on hair ends after shampooing, and rinse off thoroughly! I try to use it at least twice a week :)

As for Hair Essense, I'm freaking in love with the Rich Premier Lotion coz it really really untangles my hair and makes it baby soft! The serum, of course, smoothens out frizz and adds glamourous shine :D

Real easy to use too, just apply on damp or dry hair and watch the products do their thing. Somemore they are totally affordable!

Let's get pretty hair!!!

Essential's range is easily available at supermarkets and drugstores in Singapore. And affordable too!!

You can visit their website for more information:

p/s: Since many of you asked, my contacts are from Spectable Hut's in-house brand. The colour is Amber something, I think. Well it's the one that looks orangey. But note that I used photoshop to enlarge the irises. The lens by themselves don't enlarge that much. Still nice and quite comfy though. I don't know the price. But if you buy 2 get 2 free I think.

p/p/s: No extensions, that's my real hair.

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