Get S and V now!


Hahaha!! My title is very cryptic right?? Can you guess what products I'm gonna be introducing today??


Product 1 is for...

And product no 2 is for a  S-line body!!

In case you are confused what these two terms means, it got popular in Korean and it simply means a sharp jawline (V) and a curvy hourglass body (S)!

I'm always happy to receive new products to try out but I felt like these two products were totally meant for me or something!! I don't think I'm fat but if I could choose to lose weight on only two areas, they would be JAWLINE and BELLY.

I'd kill for a sharper jawline! And don't say my jawline is sharp ok it is not! I just photoshop like mad that's all.

And introducing...

LUS Extra V-line Lift Up!!

The box is really interesting and contains two sections...

Inside: Seven masks in packets and what appears to be a funny piece of cloth.

It is super interesting to use!

First tear open a mask packet... Inside are sodden paper masks. Sodden with awesomeness

And slap the mask on your chin/neck as such. And obviously such a mask won't hold in place, which is what the piece of cloth is for!!

It is designed specially to not only hold the mask in place, but to give your unappealing chin/neck fats a tight workout!!

The black strap even has a hole for your chin! :D

Honestly the pink cloth strap is very tight and the mask turns warm after a while, so I REALLY felt like it was burning all my fats away and they had nowhere to run to, haha.

I think if you live alone you can just wear this strap all the freaking time... Confirm you get the firmest jawline in the world coz the skin CAN'T SAG!! No space for it to sag!!

Optimally you should leave this on for 40 minutes so while waiting it's time to get a better body!

LUS S-line Body Glove

Box contains 5 glove packets

Just like the masks, the gloves are also sodden with mysterious goodness!!

The gloves have two sides. One side is dotted and the other side is not. The dotted side is for exforliating, getting ride of dead skin cells!

After massaging your targetted area with the dotted side, simply flip to the smooth side (thus two thumb holes). This combats your fats!!!

After a while this really heats up your skin too! Even after you stop massaging you can feel the cream heating up your fats!!


So I used this a week ago for a few days to see if there were any results!! Ready?

LUS Extra V-line Lift Up

To see how much fats I lost on my chin simply put your mouse over the image and hold for a bit!!

I drew a black line to show you all where my BEFORE jawline was at. REALLY GOT DIFFERENCE LEH!!

And it's so much!!

I can haz a V-line face!!

After the burning of fats, you can also try using the Age-Lock cold face-shaper bra to cool down your skin and for intensive firming and lifting!! I wrote an advert for that HERE.

And now for LUS S-Line Body Glove

I used it on my tummy and thighs

FML I felt really fat. I hit 26, really?

And after 2 uses:

I LOST 1.5 INCHES!!! I COULD DANCE!! And I swear I didn't pull the measuring tape tighter or anything ok!

Inner thigh

Lost almost an inch too!! :D :D :D

To be honest I didn't measure my chin, belly or thighs after further uses so I don't know if they ballooned back to their normal states but at least I know LUS works, so it's perfect for a special photoshoot or function!!

Thinking of getting these awesomesauce products already? I'd give you another reason!!

The LUS Extra V-line Lift Up Challenge 2010!!

Think you will lose more chin fats than anyone else? Real easy:

1) Get your Lus V-line Extra Lift Up!

2) Take 3 pictures. One with the mask on, one before and one after!

3) Blog it, tweet it, or facebook it!

4) Email your consolidated picture to enquiry@secretive.sg by the 21st of Nov, 2010.

I think my picture is lousy coz I only took side view before and after shots. I think using front view will be better!

You could win a $520 Prada wristlet! :D

These 2 products are available at all SASA cosmetic stores and on www.secretive.sg. It will also be available at BHG Departmental stores and ALT The Heeren from 12th November onwards!

I recommend you guys to buy and try!!

For a V-line face

And an S-line body!!

(Sorry it's very hard to self-shoot a full body shot with my ring light - and yes I'm wearing shorts, white ones.)

Just remember not to...

- Accidentally smear any of these products on boobs or whatever you don't wish to become smaller
- Take off contacts after use without washing hands thoroughly!!

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