Do you prefer length or thickness?


Hahaha! When it comes to this all-important question, us girls always reply... Why can't I have both?

Anyway, I have neither in this photo!!:

Yes, I am talking about lashes!!

If you think I look weird here it's coz I don't have my usual lash enhancements on! Look super different right?

And if you are a fan of Clicknetwork.tv, you'd perhaps have seen the latest
Chick Vs Chick challenge where Kaykay and I compete to see who can get more people to try on Maybelline's new Long Extreme Stiletto mascara! (I won btw muahahaha)

 Why stiletto? Coz just like what stilettos can do for your legs, Maybelline's Long Extreme Stiletto mascara can do for your lashes!

Your end effect is long, tapered and pointy lashes, just like a stiletto heel!

When I heard that I had to do a mascara challenge, I was a little worried coz if the product is not very good then I'd look so super ugly with stumpy little lashes!!

But I had nothing to worry about. BEHOLD!!

Now that I've got your attention...

Crazy long and thick!!! No photoshop on the lashes! Please erase memory of the first pic of me with no (enhanced) lashes thanks.

After all, Maybelline IS the #1 mascara brand in Singapore, so it lives up to its popularity!

In fact, after I put on my make-up, I was so pleased I took super a lot of camwhoring shots... :D

I can't even remember the last time I had confidence to just put mascara on and no falsies to snap shots. And it feels extra chio coz it seems like I'm one of those lucky girls with ridiculous camel lashes. But actually I'm not it's just the mascara LOL!

If you are wondering how come it works so well, it's coz of this:

Check it out! The brush has little fibres in it!
The fibres are the secret to length-enhancing mascaras. :D

And best of all it's all-in-one so don't need to use one tube of fibre and one tube of mascara! Troublesome max.

Here are two pics of girls we asked to try on the mascara on the streets:

And this is just Kaykay and I anyhowly quickly giving just 1 or 2 coats coz we were rushing to win! If you want super long and super thick lashes can just keep on applying until you go mad.

Not only does the Long Extreme Stiletto mascara visibly lengthen lashes by more than 50%, it also contains Pro Vitamin B5 for shiny and smooth lashes! Waterproof and smudgeproof means you don't have to worry about wearing it for long periods of time and having ruined make-up. :)

So you can camwhore...

And camwhore...

And camwhore...

And camwhore... ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!

If you use mascara, you should definitely give Maybelline's Long Extreme Stiletto mascara a try.

Coz it's also super affordable at $18.90 
and available at Watsons and at most places that sell make-up! :D

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