Mike's baby photos

I was feeling stressed out coz I know it's time for me to fart out a new blog entry but erm... I blame it on my eyelash extensions. My beautician, since she is closing for CNY, did a 3 layered lash thing for me so that it won't all fall out before the 9th of February when she reopens.

Digressing there was a CNY when a big CHUNK of my lash extensions came loose. Ok fine I plucked it. It was right smack in the middle of my eyelid so imagine having a hole there!! A 1 cm hole!! CAN POKE A FINGER THROUGH.

Since the salon was closed and I cannot escape not seeing anyone on CNY day 1 and I can't remove the rest of the extensions myself I cut off ALL LASHES INCLUDING MY REAL ONES.  

(Did I blog about this before?? I've been eating Gingko nuts at every possible occasion but my memory is still abysmal.)

Everyone thinks I'm mad crazy/brave to have 1mm eyelashes but I think MEH! There's always falsies!

And no it's a myth that lashes will grow back thicker and longer after cutting them.

So yes back to blaming my lashes for not having a blog entry. They are mad heavy so I can't bring myself to photoshop my photos! It's very tiring ok!! *ahem*

As I was looking through my unpublished camera's uploads, I saw that I took a lot of Mike's baby photos from photo frames in his grandma's house so I thought they would suffice for a blog entry!

Somemore best, don't need to photoshop!!!!!!!! :D :D :D

Ok before I proceed to Mike's baby piccies I have to talk a bit about myself. I cannot help it, my self-absorbedness is too strong.

That day I was asking my mom whether I was an ugly child. It was really sad coz she hesitated a little before answering and said, I quote, "Not really lah."


I never realised it but I think I was mad hideous as a kid FML. Whenever people meet me they always commonly say "Wah she looks like Japanese".

This was back in like 1989 or something so it's not the chio gyaru Japanese but like the white-faced small-eyed kinda Japanese. (I'm not saying that's a bad thing)

I always felt that that's a compliment but now that I look back upon it, I think it's coz they have nothing better to say and they can't bring themselves to say I'm pretty or cute!! Coz I was not!! I was mostly sweaty with mushroom hair. But I was fair. So people always commented on that.

I asked my mom why nobody ever said I'm pretty + gave her a :(

She replied that it's coz I'm always seen with my cousins who have ginormous eyes, dimples, non-mushroom hair and didn't sweat that much. So "of course" nobody said I'm pretty.


Why couldn't Momo have hung out with friends with uglier, sweatier, mushroomier kids???

I wonder what it's like to be a parent who knows that your kid is not a looker. As a preemptive measure I'd probably say to everyone who just met my daughter "Yeah she's not pretty but her grades are not bad/she can play the violin/she just got 97/100 for her maths test" so that I'd save them the trouble of having to dig out a nationality to praise her looks.

Or I could just watch them struggle. When someone finally says "Your daughter? So cute/pretty!" I'd yell "HYPOCRITE!! LOOKS IS NOT EVERYTHING, OK?!" and huff away. LOL!

Mike's mom didn't have this problem.

In green: Mike. In blue: Second oldest brother Daniel. In red: Third oldest brother Paul.

Baby Mike with chio Mom in background

He was born blond!

That button nose is just too much, I wanna bite it!

Check out Mike's teeth. He has super perfectly straight teeth now (HATE HATE HATE) and I asked him before if he had braces and he said no.

So I yelled "You lied! You had braces!" when I saw the photos and he was like... "I didn't. My wisdom teeth grew out and closed up that gap."

Don't hold on to me, just let me jump off this building. The world is SUPER unfair.

His brother Paul has super white blond hair!! I might have mentioned blond-ness too many times. Erm therefore also check out Mike's brown hair. And my hair's roots which are black.

Mike with his cousins

Ok this was when Mike became kinda fat in high school!! LOL!!
But he sibeh act handsome!!

(That's his dad and youngest brother Jacob)


I took a photo of a photo of baby Ryder, Mike's cousin's son. He is so super cute if you don't go AWWWWWWW you are not human! Behold:


Too precious!!!

Photo of adult Mike checking out his old photos and probably wishing our future kid looks like him instead of me.

p/s: Just in case people say I'm racist for posting my husband's family's baby photos I also post one Asian baby photo.

This one is ok only, would be better with blonde hair and blue eyes.


Don't be so uptight it's Chinese New Year! And look, babies!!

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