Morbid post of the day

Don't know if you guys have heard of this incredible news yet but apparently, a Bangladeshi worker (Din is his name) was trapped in a container with another Bangladeshi worker for 9 whole days!

The news report that after a few days, worker 2, who was like 40 years old, collapsed and died, leaving Din to deal with his increasingly horrific stench (inconsiderate!) as the container went ahead to get shipped to Vietnam.

Apparently the smell was so bad it knocked out the people who heard Din banging on the container and opened it. Ok fine it didn't knock them out but they had to like take a few steps back or something.

How did they get trapped in the first place?

Coz in the middle of their work shift they decided to go take a smoke break and nap in the container.

"Then we just slept and we didn't know that the container had been picked up and transported onto the ship. By the time we woke up, we were probably already on the ship," Din was quoted. (Source The Newpaper)

Din was found naked and dehydrated.


I don't know about you guys but I am so freaking fascinated by this news. There are so many unanswered questions!

Maybe I am sick or something but the first thing I thought about was... Did Din drink the blood and eat the flesh of his friend? I don't mean to label him as a crazyass cannibal or something but after a few days without water and food, people can go crazy and desperate, right?

And can we even survive 9 whole days without food or water? I tried to google and the answer ranges from 3 - 14 days without water, depending on conditions.

Question 2... Did Din maybe kill his friend?

Or maybe the friend tried to kill Din but Din won the fight? Is it ok to kill for survival? I mean, after my 1st day of being trapped there I'd probably start the "Why did you ask me to sleep in a bloody container?" argument. I'd start punching people.

How the FUCK can someone get trapped in a container????????????

I don't mean like "Oh didn't he just fall asleep in there?" I mean like... there are so many steps to that tragedy finally happening!

First, who the fuck suggested sleeping in a bloody container and why did the other person think it is a good idea??? Containers get shipped, it's pretty obvious right?

And secondly, did they seriously close the door of the container to go sleep?

Is it even possible for the container doors to be closed from the inside?

Trying to figure out the doors

Why would ANYONE close the container doors upon themselves to nap? It is so claustrophobic and scary!

They MUST have closed the door themselves coz if it's open, then whoever is closing the doors would have seen them and asked them to get out, right? And the bolting of the many locks must have woken them up?


No, really. Din claimed when they woke up they were already probably on the ship.

"What you mean I'm now on a ship?"

Is it even possible that when you are on a short and light nap, you don't jerk awake in panic when your bed MOVES, suspended on a crane???? And it's not like the freaking container is a comfy place to sleep in wtf... Unless the container contained king koil mattresses.

Speaking of which, what was in that container? They wouldn't have shipped it empty, right? If you had to survive in a container for 9 days with a rotting corpse what would you wish the container was shipping? Can only choose one item. I choose... OK I can't decide I guess some kind of watery food maybe canned soup? Or a gas mask. Or maybe pistols so I can kill myself.


Moral of the story 1) Don't take naps when you are paid to be working.

Moral of the story 2) Don't fall asleep in containers.

Moral of the story 3) Always have a cellphone with you.



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POSTNOTE: Mystery solved. The bangalas were high on WEED!!!!!! I'd say he probably ate his friend then coz the corpse would have tasted good.

Smoking weed during work and taking a nap... Now nobody has any sympathy for them at all. Fucking lazyasses.

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