Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Love More


So excited!!! Received a giant box of many masks from Love More. They are actually one of the best selling mask brands in Taiwan!

Their packaging are all very pretty with girly cute graphics!! Irresistable!

I love masks!! It's hard not to - put it on, go about doing your usual pottering around the house, then after removing the mask your skin will be super soft and thankful!!

Among the masks here are 2 of my favourites:

Love More New Zealand Kiwi Acnes All Out Set

As you can see it's a really "special" mask coz it comes in a set of 3!

It is specially for both women and men who have troubled acne skin in Singapore's hot and humid weather.

With the strong adhesive ability, acne can be removed completely, turning your skin smooth immediately.

After the removal of acne, the skin won't be dry but with moisture retained. Natural kiwi fruit extract prevents further proliferation of acne.

The kiwi extract removes dead skin cells too, causing fairer skin with smaller pores.

I'm gonna try it out!

Here's the steps:

Apply the softener on your desired skin area (for me, nose and area around nose. blackheads!) and give it a good massage for 2-3 mins. This opens up pores for easier acne/blackhead removal!

The softener feels just like water.

This is the fun part!

Apply the Purifying Mask all over your desired areas! The mask is very gooey and smells super nice, really like kiwi! It is white with little beads of green. :D

Wait for 10-15 minutes till the mask is dry, and remove the mask! If there is excess mask left, wash off with warm or cold water.

You can see some of the blackheads and whiteheads on the mask!

Lastly apply the Purifying Astringent Essence!

The consistency is kinda like a toner. This works to contract acne prone pores. Pores will become smaller and less noticeable! :D

Super QQ, clean and smooth skin

I love how the essence makes my skin feel EXTRA clean!!


If you don't have acne and just want a mask to hydrate, lift, whiten or firm your skin, you can also try some of Love More's famous 3D masks!

What is a 3D mask?

It is just like your usual paper mask but it comes with ear hooks to lift and firm skin from your neck, cheeks, eyes and mouth areas - because neck care is just as important as face care!

There are many different masks to choose from depending on your desire.

I chose the Rose Crystal and Tourmeline Peptide Duo Lifting mask.

Coz I love rose-scented things and it's the prettiest lol!

See? Super cute packaging!! Haven't use already happy!

I love love love how there are not one but TWO pairs of ear hooks (meaning 4 in total) coz it makes the mask extra tight on my face!

And the neck portion is just ingenious!

While wearing the mask it is adviceable to massage your face a little too to let the awesomeness absorb more. :D

In case you are wondering why the box says "Scotland", it is because Love More uses imported ingredients "Sealed and Sent with Love" from respective countries. It's pretty fun trivia!

If you'd notice the mask also has a "Hives" pattern. This ensures the mask fits better on your skin and will not absorb the moisture from your skin when it is dry.


Can't decide which is the mask for you?

For April and May 2011, there are 2 special "suitcases" of a mixture of all of Love More's maskes!

The Love More Purple Series and The Love More Pink Series

Masks inside the pink series. 

I love love love the colours!

Masks inside the Purple Series

Both contain 7 masks in total and retails at only $9.90! 


Of all these masks, these four are my favourite:

Love More maskes are available exclusively at selected Watsons stores. You can also visit for more product information!

P/s: Please join Lush Beauty's Facebook page and Love More Singapore's Facebook page to stand a chance to win a box of their masks!