Thursday, November 17, 2011

Love Love More


I've got good news for girls who want to make their skin as soft and as luscious as can be!

Remember my previous advertorial for Love More?

Now they have sent me MORE awesome skincare products to try! Skincare junkies rejoice!

The Love More Aqua Moisturising Series:

These are all featured and recommended on popular Taiwanese beauty show 女人我最大!

As the name suggests, the uniqueness of the Love More Aqua Moisturizing Series is moisture, moisture, moisture!

The result? Flawless transparent skin + 100% moisturized skin + sebum balance.

Keeping skin moisturized is super important especially when a lot of us spend most of our day in the aircon!! When skin is dried out, you not only get wrinkles and age faster, your skin also turns oily which can lead to acne.

Step 1: Love More 24hr moisturizing Aqua Pump

Also known as the toner! (In picture, the tallest bottle)

Most toners in the market don't bother much with moisture level but the Aqua Pump does! The texture is watery and not drying like most other toners and with the extra moisturising effect, your subsequent skincare products can maximize their benefits.

And I love it because it smells so awesome, like fresh cold cucumber + lilies! :D

Plus the design comes in a pump, which is super convenient.

Step 2: Love More 24hr Moisturizing Aqua Serum

Here's the texture of the serum!!

The Aqua Serum comes with patented AQUAFILL and professional whitening compound with 3 times more concentration than the traditional essence. Even using a small amount can achieve long term retaining of moisture in the skin, and keep the innermost layer of the skin quenched with moisture!

Step 3: Love More Aqua Masks

Blue: Love More Aqua Cucumber Extract and Ceramide Moisturising Mask

Pink: Love More Aqua Damascus Rose and Arbutin Whitening Mask

I love both these masks!!!!!

Both the masks contain awesome ingredients.

The blue Moisturising Mask has cucumber extract, ceramide and oligomer, helping to do advanced moisturizing for your skin.

The pink Whitening Mask, which I LOVE because it smells like my favourite roses, contain Rose damascena flower, Alpha arbutin, camomilla recutita and Malachite Extract. I know most of those things sound foreign but they are all good!!

Helps to whiten skin, making it noticeably smoother and softer!

I don't know if you noticed from the picture but the special thing about these masks is how tightly they are sticking to my skin! Usually the material for masks is a little thicker and I feel they leave a distance between my skin and the mask but for the Aqua masks they are designed to fit perfectly with a special natural silk cotton.

It fits the skin tightly without leaving any space which means it is able to moisturize skin more effectively. :D When peeling out the mask I even accidentally tore it. It's super delicate!

After using the masks I really felt my skin become instantly baby soft, fairer, and brighter!

(Yes I'm putting the mask with makeup on. It's for DEMOSTRATIVE purposes ok!)

Step 4: Love More 24hr Moisturizing Aqua Brulee

Love this moisturiser!

Water based which means it isn't sticky and oily after application. Smells fantastic so you can climb into bed with your partner and know you smell awesome.

The Aqua Brulee is ultra moisturizing, providing moisture to all layers of the skin. If sleeping with the air con has dulled your skin, it's time to give this a try!

Besides the Aqua series they also gave me some other products and I love this:

Sexy Look Strawberry Black Head Pore Set!

If you recalled in my previous advert I had the kiwi version of this and now they came up with STRAWBERRY!!

Love, love, love this because not only do you get rid of blackheads, it is also super fun to peel off the mask... and the smell is just so... DELICIOUS!!!!!!!!

The whole time the mask is on your face so you just keep smelling the strawberries. How awesome!! Mike kissed me on the nose after I did the mask and I asked "What do I smell like?" He said, "Strawberries!! WHY?? Why do you smell like strawberries?"


And are you ready for cuteness??


Hot pink: Sexy Look Moisturising and Whitening Rose Mask

Baby pink: Sexy Look Hyaluronic Acid Whitening and Moisturising Mask

So cute right?? Perfect for traveling or sleepovers with girlfriends!



And wait, these 3 Hello Kitty masks are special! They are 3D masks which means they have hooks for your ears! The end result is a mask super tight around your face and under your neck, giving a lifting effect.

White: Sexy Look Brightening and Firming White Rose Double Lifting Mask


Purple: Sexy Look Moisturising Sensitive Amethyst Double Lifting Mask


Pink: Sexy Look Ultra Moisturizing Pink Sakura Double Lifting Mask


Want to get your Love More products? They are all available in Watsons (Hello Kitty exclusively at Watsons only) and now!!

If you are the first 1,000 to order from within a month, you can mention "Xiaxue" on your coupon whilst checking out and you can enjoy $2 off a minimum order of $20! Shiok not??

Want more updates and to win weekly prizes? Just Love More's facebook page and Sexy Look's facebook page!

Ending this entry with two more pictures of myself:

Tata! ♥