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This is my fourth advertorial for Sexy Look and Love More!! So far I can say that all my readers love their products because all I've heard are good feedback about these two brands!

Personally I love using their masks!

Having good skin is hard work, must remind myself to mask more!

In case you haven't seen my previous adverts, Sexy Look and Love More are famous for their awesome masks!! Their products are wildly popular in Taiwan!

So I've been sent a few more of their new masks the star of today's advert is the...

♥ Sexy Look Intensive Care Black Cotton Mask ♥

What's so special about these masks?

Perhaps you already guessed from the picture? THEY ARE BLACK!!

Unlike most black masks in the market which are colour-dyed, the Sexy Look Black Cotton Mask uses advanced technology to infuse activated carbon into the pure pulp cotton.

The result? A thorough cleansing of your clogged pores with powerful absorbing ability!

All your excess sebum and dirt and impurities are eliminated, leaving your skin glowing with less visible pores!!

We all know carbon is great for cleansing purposes, like carbon pills clean out our stomachs... So I guess it works for our skin too. :D

Not to worry, the mask doesn't only do power cleansing!!

Choose your favourite!

Intensive REPAIRING Black Cotton Mask:

For those of us concerned with aging... Fight against it with European Beech and Obsidian Extract to promote skin mineralization!

Intensive WHITENING Black Cotton Mask:

Want fairer skin? Black bee honey whitens while Black Pearl moisturizes!

Intensive MOISTURIZING Black Cotton Mask:

Vitamin C enriched Blackcurrant boosts nutrient circulation while roserock deeply moisturizes skin. The result is more radiance!

They all sounds so good so which should I pick today??

My skin has been plagued by some zits lately so I've been using loads of whitening products in hopes of reducing scars... So I pick the Intensive Whitening Black Cotton Mask!


(FYI the reason why I am biting a string of pearls and this mask has pearls around it is because black pearl is one of the special ingredients in the mask. I know, lame camwhore excuse)

Will I look like the girl in the picture in a bit?

And I got kinda a shock when I saw the mask...


I don't know why I was surprised but I guess I'm so used to seeing white masks... This is the first time ever I've seen a black one!

And it looks a bit like the wet seaweed lol...

Another thing I've noticed? The mask is EXTREMELY SOFT. In fact, I will say that this is the softest mask I've ever used... So soft to the point of being a bit hard to separate for fear that it will break!

You can see how thin it is!! Despite that, it is extremely absorbent... So much juice on it it kept dripping!

Have the mask on now! Tadah!! Look scary not?

(ps: Obviously not supposed to have the mask on with makeup on. This is just for demonstration purposes I've already tried the mask earlier on without makeup.)

I love how the mask almost feels like a second skin because it is so freaking soft... It sticks to every contour of your face!!

Here are some mask tips:

1) to make the mask absorb better you can massage your skin with the mask on.

2) My friend told me she lets her husband use her masks after she is done with them coz after 20 mins of being on your skin the masks are still very moist, so you can just let another person benefit from it!! (if he/she doesn't mind)

3) After finishing with your mask don't throw it away! Scrunch it up and squeeze the rest of the goodness on your arms, hands, even legs if there is excess. It is like serum, don't waste it.

I  just need to be blonde again and wear a black tube lol


I love it!! ♥

Skin feels really dewy and cleaner, plus on top of that I noticed that after using the Black Cotton Mask my face takes a longer time to turn oily. Must be because it is so moisturized. :D

Plus the texture feels so extremely comfortable on my face. With some masks you constantly get air bubbles so you keep having to press them down but with this one it is completely snug on your skin!

Can't get enough masks?

Love More also has 4 new masks for you to choose from!! 

All improved formulas!

Mediterranean Pomegranate:  Lifting and Whitening

South Pacific Gold Pearl: Amazing White

French Caviar: Anti-wrinkle and Firming

Perhaps you noticed the most interesting one of all:


This mask has snail mucin (nice name for their slime actually) in it! Snail mucin is the new darling in Korean Skincare, with Snail creams simply flying off the shelves!! Yes it may sound a little gross but we have fish scales in our lipsticks and we can eat Hashima (xue ge) which is the uterine tubes of frogs just for beauty... So really this is nothing is it? LOL

Here's an extract I found about snail mucin:

Snails never have skin infections, they can squirm across the the most razor sharp of knives and not pierce their skin.

It is the secretion produced inside their cells that affords them the ability to protect their skin from environmental dangers. It is the same serum that gives humans the opportunity to clear acne, rosacea, and stretch marks, among other skin afflictions.


I want super good skin!!

Want to get your own Sexy Look and Love More masks??

They are available at Watsons as well as online at

If you buy from Secretive.sg, remember to mention "xiaxue" during your checkout to receive a free cosmetic pouch worth $20 + a Elishacoy Skinny Mineral Pack worth $55 with a minimum purchase of $20!

While stocks last so HURRY!!

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