rosebullet X Baby Rock


So happy to be doing this advertorial because it is for one of my FAVOURITE brands ever!!!

As you have probably guessed from the title... rosebullet!!

I've always loved Japanese fashion and I love to wear floral prints, (faux) fur, pastel colours etc... rosebullet is one of those brands that is EXACTLY like that. It is very popular in Japan, and the good news is... It is also available in Singapore!

I went down to the outlet at The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, #B2-116 Canal level for the launch of the new Autumn/Winter 2012 collection called Baby Rock.

My face greets me, lol

I was so excited because once you go in you can see their famous trademark Angola sets in rainbow colours... Want want want!

How to pick??

The coordinates come in a set... Angora fur top made with the softest downy bunny fur you can imagine, a matching ribbon for your hair (how adorable is that?!) plus a tulle skirt with shorts lining inside.

Btw in case animal lovers go crazy about the fur bit... Angora fur is harvested by shaving an angora rabbit, not by killing it.

Admittedly the angora rabbit does need a shave...

Many pretty dresses

Qiuqiu and Sophie went with me!! Here you can see their default expressions... Qiu laughing hysterically and Sophie very mildly bemused.

Picked my outfit for the day!!! Chose the lavender Angola set with a nude tutu skirt... I LOVE IT!! The moment I put it on I felt like I was Lena Fujii lol

Look like not? LOL

Qiuqiu and Sophie admittedly not clad in rosebullet but they did gamely come in pastel florals, very Rosebullet-ish.

Camwhoring time!! I love the lavender ribbon that came with the set!!

Taken by the pro photographer that day, Quirk Creative Singapore.

To tell you guys a little more about the Baby Rock collection... I actually like it a lot!

Autumn and Winter usually calls for darker colours. But for very girly girls like me, I still want to look feminine and somewhat sweet, in line with my usual style.

Therefore rosebullet combined rocker chic with their trademark romantic and beautiful style by incorporating leather, metallics and blacks to be blended with lace, tulles and pastels!

I know Mode style is all the rage in Japan now but for the loyal lovers of sweet and floral styles like me, this collection of rosebullet isn't too abrupt a change... So I can be edgy and girly at the same time!

Look! I am considering getting this super soft black leather jacket because the models wear it so nicely!!

The style also has a bit of a military vibe to it, I love!!

When I was at the store I asked my instagram followers to pick one of the following for me to dress accordingly...

Hot Date was the most popular so I went around the store shopping for an outfit that matches the occasion with the help of rosebullet's pretty staff.

And tadah, this is what I came up with!!

I'm so in love with this soft pink leather jacket!

A tulle skirt, with a metallic black turtleneck for that bit of edginess and super high wedged black T-straps. Everything is from rosebullet!

From instagram

Ok admittedly what I picked isn't very "hot" but remember boys don't marry slutty girls! LOL... Well, usually they don't.

Ending the post with 2 camwhore shots!!

I really love how soft this sweater is!! ♥♥♥

Feels like I'm hugging Igloo~~

What you waiting for? Go shopping for the Baby Rock collection today!!

Two outlets:

1) The Shoppes at Marina Bay Sands, B2-116
2) Isetan Orchard Level 1

And of course, go LIKE rosebullet on facebook too for latest news and updates!!

Rosebullet also has a BLOG!!! Check it out here!!

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