Dolly Wink x Tsubasa Masuwaka


 This post is about one of my favourite brands ever - DOLLY WINK!!!

 I'm sure a lot of you recognise Dolly Wink's products even if you have never tried them before...


Their most famous product is their false eyelashes, and perhaps you remember seeing them, CUTEST packaging ever with a big ribbon on top and a kawaii girl's face with different looks on every pack?

I remember when Dolly Wink was launched, their famous false lashes instantly became crazy popular, flying off the shelves in Japan. During one of my trips with Cheesie, I asked her what brand her pretty lashes are and she said Dolly Wink.

At that point I've never tried Dolly Wink products before and I asked her if they are good. She replied that they are the best lashes and her favourite.

Later on, when I got my hands on some Dolly Wink lashes, I could finally understand why people were so fanatic about them.

In one statement... They revolutionized falsies! 

 Their falsies were suited for gyaru makeup, created extra long (horizontal length wise, although vertical also) so that the lashes can extend beyond your eyes, creating an illusion of longer, twinkling doe eyes.

Why do we want longer eyes and not just bigger? Simple, because proportionally it makes your nose look narrower and face smaller, and I bet that is something many girls want!

The lashes were made of the softest fibres imaginable, creating a soft fluttery look. And best of all, they are very natural-looking and not plasticky + shiny like some of the brands out there.

But mostly, Dolly Wink lashes got famous because they finally gave the market something we have been craving for... BOTTOM FALSE LASHES!!

The gyaru style is to stick the bottom lashes slightly lower than where your eyes naturally end, creating a doll-like, doe-eyed effect. This is something mascara alone cannot achieve, and I'm sure girls with short/sparse bottom lashes are all rejoicing!

I know I'm gushing too much but Dolly Wink played a crucial part in my discovery and love for gyaru makeup, which changed my life forever!!!!!! I'm super passionate about gyaru makeup, but unfortunately over the years it seemed like it hasn't caught on yet in Singapore, except for a small group of people.

Never mind, perhaps this post will change your mind!

Let's talk about the girl on all the packaging... If you didn't already know, her name is Tsubasa Masuwaka, and she is the producer of the Dolly Wink brand.


She is my ultimate gyaru inspiration!!

Just like me, she is really short. She is also really tiny and if I didn't remember wrongly, someone told me she weighs just 37kg or something (please feel free to correct me).

She has a whole chain of co-produced brands from makeup to stockings - and get this... SHE IS MARRIED WITH A SON!!!

Yes, she is a gyaru mama!! Still so pretty and fashionable!! I strive to be just like her one day... :D

Where am I going with this? Well...


Not only will you guys get a chance to meet her, you also stand a chance to win air tickets to TOKYO, JAPAN, my favourite city in the world!!!


You should be because for this contest, there are MANY winners!! The top 15 finalists will also get to participate in a public runway show, not to mention several flight tickets and MANY products to be won!!

How to join?

I hope you are inspired by Tsubasa's pretty makeup already because this is a...


As I mentioned on each of the Dolly Wink lashes is a different look that Tsubasa painstakingly created.

From the older series of lashes

Newer "Otona" (more mature) series

You just have to pick a favourite from any of the Dolly Wink lash series and imitate Tsubasa's look!!

Of course, using Dolly Wink lashes, because really, nothing else quite measures up.

You can find more pictures here. In any case, just to give Xiaxue readers a heads up so you can win the rest, I'm gonna be actually imitating 3 of the looks and will give you tips along the way!


Lashes in 14 Natural Cute

For this look Tsubasa has her trademark orangey blonde hair down in relaxed curls with autumn flowers on the head. 

Remember, if you don't have light hair to give yourself a winning edge get a wig! And your brows have to be light to match the blonde... So try Dolly Wink's eyebrow mascara if your natural brow colour is black.

Tsubasa also has on brown contacts, liquid eyeliner in brown, and very pale nude lips with gloss.

For my eyes I dabbed on Dolly Wink's NEW eyeshadow palette in no. 2 Pink Brown (to be released in 2013 at major Watsons). In gyaru makeup, eyeshadow is often neglected as most girls don't go crazy with colours unlike in the west. Just subtle highlighting will do.

And here is my look!! I didn't have a blonde wig so I had to make do with my pink/purple hair.

And I shortened my long face with photoshop so I can have Tsubasa's small pixie face, haha

Side by side! I have the same M-shaped upper lip as her, although most of the time I hate it and try to fill up the two "holes" (where the teeth shows?) with fillers. Today, I embrace it because she does!


Lashes in 10 Sweet Cat

Tsubasa has on a black top with a pearl necklace and black lacy gloves (not seen in the product packaging) with a military green hat on. Her makeup looks almost the same as the previous look except she has on very pale pink blusher and pale lips.

My submission:

Side by side! Admittedly my look is a bit pinker than hers but I tried to PS the lips brown and they look awful coz it doesn't match the hair, so I guess mine is the pink variation.

Thank you Yutaki for the cute cap :D

Remember in order to have that trademark Tsubasa look bottom lashes are a MUST! Try to stick the bottom lashes a little distance away from your eyes, just as she does.

If you have never tried putting on bottom lashes before, they may prove to be slightly challenging to put on. But practice makes perfect! 

Use tweezers to hold on to the lashes, apply some lash glue, and glue the falsies under your own lashes. When removing use makeup remover to dissolve the glue, because if you just tug you will pull out some of your own lashes! Ouch.

Look 3: Pure Little

Lashes in 8 Pure Little

Tsubasa is wearing a dark brown wig with green contacts and blood red lips. She also has on black eyeliner with some brown eyeshadow under the eyes.

With leopard print nails!

My submission:

Didn't have time to do leopard nails so I compensated by wearing leopard prints... And look, I have the black giant hair bow that is on the box that the lashes come in!! LOL


 That's it! I had a lot of fun creating the different looks and I think you will too!! 

If you want to join, hop on over to  

where you can see more contest details!!

I will see the top 15 finalists on 8th December, 730pm at Scape Warehouse where I will also be a guest judge!! It is an absolutely free event so mark down your calendars!!

Not only that, I will get to see Tsubasa, and I ABSOLUTELY CANNOT WAIT!!!

Best of luck!

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