Tuesday, January 6, 2015

How to win the Anonymous

A few days back, my friends and I were discussing the recent sagas that have been surrounding me.

I was just discussing with them how idiotic and obviously far-fetched some of the accusations are, such as that I inflate my stats because some morons decided for themselves that "Only SG visitors are important so we only count page views from the SG url, we will just conveniently discount the rest."

I said heatedly, feeling very agitated that I have to explain such a moot point and that the cusspool of inbred buffoons in Singapore seem to believe in the crap spewed forth, nodding their unibrows and underbites in unison with drool spilling all over their keyboards.

My friend calmly replied,

"You are making the mistake of thinking they are actually interested in the truth."

Well that shut me up.

It certainly was illuminating.

He is, being a PHD student and all, absolutely right. There is no need to argue. Tomorrow, they can post up a photo of a dead puppy and say I tortured it to death. Even if I present alibis and other irrefutable evidence, they don't care.

They just want to provoke a reaction, they want to say whatever they can, because they can.

You can only reason with people who have basic common sense and want to see common sense.

My adversaries fulfill neither criteria. It's a witchhunt by the dumbest of dipshits in our city.

Digressing, have you guys ever watch the movie Idiocracy?

It's about how 500 years in the future, with no natural predators and intelligent people breeding less and less and dumb people breeding like crazy, humankind evolved to become very stupid.

This average Joe (Luke Wilson) was put in an army experiment that froze him for 500 years, so when he woke up, he was the smartest person in a world filled with idiots. I find this very relevant to me whenever I see the Pussies' facebook page.

This about sums up my situation right now.

The Pussies' end game, unlike my Gushcloud post, is not to let everyone know the truth.

It is to simply destroy me whether or not truth is compromised.

They have no qualms about spewing lies with manipulated data just to vilify me. 2 days ago, the Pussies posted about how TyreQueen dropped me. This isn't true and they had no proof - they just decided to post it anyway.

This is the kind of credibility they have.

Like how they can say Nuffnang is the monopolizing player with in the industry with 900,000 bloggers under them. Then when I win the Nuffnang Asia Pacific Blog Awards for Region's Best Blog twice in a row against the most influencial bloggers from many different countries, it's suddenly like licking my own balls even though I won competing against 900,000 people (and more because even non Nuffnang bloggers are nominated). Ok lor, whatever you say. I've love to see some achievements of yours that can beat mine. None? I thought so.

Or like how yesterday they said my Gushcloud post was written because Nuffnang/Netccentric is about to IPO.

You want to flip around so much why don't you go sell roti prata?

First you say my shares are worth nothing, the agency I belong to is doing more poorly than Gushcloud, and now suddenly you are market specialists who can tell me how much I can get in this rumoured IPO! I am damn excited wei!! What should I buy with $300,000? I must make sure to have better accounting than Gushcloud and not just lose receipts for $233k. Oh wait, that's ok because that's my money to spend and not from some schmuck investor who gave me money...

Anyway, logic dictates that IF there is indeed an IPO and IF I get shares that I can publicly sell, why the HELL would I post about Gushcloud now? I should post it only after the listing, then my share price will increase, no? #genius #not

And btw many other bloggers also have shares in Nuffnang. Why don't you tell everyone who they are and whether having shares in Nuffnang automatically makes you a nefarious illuminati-type mastermind?

Oh man I just said I'm not going to to clarify all the lame shit they say and I'm doing it again. Damn.

I thought about how to win this. I thought about finding out who they are. I thought about defending myself, which I can, easily enough, because the claims are so stupid.

But I got angry because why the hell should the onus of proving some preposterous accusation be on me? The law states that the person spreading the claim should be the one proving it, or face a lawsuit. This doesn't apply to anonymous pussies.

Then it occurred to me how to win this. 

There is only ONE WAY.

I just have to be happy. Happy, and successful.

And it's like the fog has lifted

All they want is for me to suffer. 

If I obstinately refuse to do that, they also lan lan.

If I think about it, is any of this affecting me in any real way? I may have gotten my address exposed, but so far nobody harassed me. My HDB block has CCTVs all over the stairwells and lifts. I have good relations with my neighbours and I believe they will help me if necessary. I didn't get any pizzas or dildos.

(Honestly? Dildos are so expensive! If you want to give me free dildos go ahead, I can give my girlfriends for their birthdays.)

I didn't get any endorsements dropped; my sponsors have told me they support me. My ad requests have been through the roof these days with the extra publicity. Even if I do lose an endorsement, so what? I've lost them before in 2005 and I'm still here, with bigger and better ones.

I have a lovely family, a supportive and awesome husband, great friends, and mostly importantly of all, I have a happy happy healthy baby who makes me so happy everyday.

Everyday I look at him and cannot believe how lucky I am to have such an adorable, sweet, funny and smart child.

My life is meaningful and fulfilling.

I have more than enough money to spend.

I live in my dream house and drive my dream car that I didn't have to pay for.

I'm blessed, and I will continue to be.

In 2015, I hope to complete my family with a second child. I have so much to look forward to. :)

I thought people hated me because of all the vitriol about me I've seen online recently, but so many have also wrote in to me with such kind words. People who KNOW me because they have been reading me for 10 years and know my life and my character inside out. Surely their opinion counts more than some hater who only saw one obscure rude tweet of mine.

When I step out of the house, people, real life people and not just fake accounts hiding behind an online facade, come to me and tell me they support me and like me. Why do I seek validation from those determined to hate? I shouldn't.

I cannot please everyone. In fact, the more successful/popular you are, the more people will dislike you because they do not feel you are deserving of the success.

As I said before - money doesn't motivate me. Vengeance does. Proving my haters wrong.

So thank you, haters. Thank you for all the extra publicity you have given me... My blog hits are so high right now and I love it and so does my clients.

Because of your hate, I stay relevant and talked about - the most important thing a media personality needs. 

Front page of The Newpaper twice in four days for two different news? 
Don't like this I shy

Because of your hate, you introduce me to new people who might just decide they like me.

Because of your hate, I have motivation in life to do better, work harder. Your hate is my fuel.

So continue hating. I will try my darnest to make you hate me even more.

By continuing to get all the awesome stuff you don't think I deserve.

The only way you can hurt me, is to be indifferent to me. 

Love or hate, I appreciate it all! Thank you!!

This is me with my upcoming $300,000 #ifithappens