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Eh.. Sucks... i dun think i can get my A for my law paper already lar... *whine whine* Didnt have time to finish and it was pretty hard.. And Eddy is not free to meet me. And i haven got my digicam yet. When i just walked out of my void deck to the bus stop, it didnt rain. It POURED. Overall, it is a sucky sucky day... But it was pretty fun at the exam hall... They gave u all little china-made glass thermometers and packs of alcohol wipes for cleaning the thermometer before putting it in our mouths... So cute... Sometimes i cant help thinking some poly kids are really intellectually challenged. A few guys (not from my course, from Biz i think), started to put the thermometers under their armpits!! My Law lecturer was totally flabbergasted...She gasped a bit, and shrieked, "NO NO u are NOT supposed to do THAT!!! Now who did that? Who contaminated their thermometers??!" LOLz Later on there was a big hooha coz Veron (my classmate), who sat directly beside me
Adryan msged me. "still angry ah?" Dumb ppl dun realise they are being dumb, do they? i told him i think he is a fucking insensitive jerk. He replied, "no lah, i dont always manage to find someone i like... so i figured u mite help me out as a friend." FUCK YOU, ADRYAN LEE WIE BENG.
After a night of sleeping on the thought that yet another guy has fallen in love with my best friend and told me in the face, i decided, finally, to ponder on the painful question of "Why?". I think itz because i look too much like a slut And i yak too much. Whats wrong with guys nowadays? When i was a kid and i read teen books situated in America (i.e. Sweet Valley High), it was always decided that the most popular gal was pretty (Not boring pretty but knows how to dress up), intelligent and has a sense of humour. In other words, guys in America like their girls witty and able to communicate with them, and most likely before they discovered these, they took notice of the girls coz they look like hot stuff. Thus i thought thats what i should aim to become... Singaporean (Chinese) guys think different, however. They like girls with long rebonded black silky hair, not sexy curls. They like girls wearing turtlenecks and sneakers rather than a dress with h
Eddy replied to my email. some parts are rather confusing, plus i dun think itz right to type out his reply like that so heres the gist: *Age doesnt matter *Letting things run itz course is something i wish for as well. *I find ur companionship, erm, highly engaging. *U are special to me too. *Controlling ur feelings is a fuss, so just let us be natural. SOUNDS LIKE GOOD NEWS TO ME!!! No connotations of "buts" in the email... Thats good.. But i cant verify anything till i talk to him tml (today lar actually). On the other hand... Birthday celebration today was okie... i was supposed to meet ah dong and peiying and ek, but Adryan called me and asked if he could join, so well, he did. (FYI i did like Adryan some time ago, but he said he didnt like me so we remained friends.) I've always had this theory: Say if while in the midst of being totally in love with A, A breaks up with u for a good reason. When this happens and A loses contact with u, u wil
I asked eddy today if he would meet me and he didnt reply that sms. I called him up and he sounded hesitant about meeting~! Turns out that he thinks we shouldnt meet up too often coz it will be too much like a couple. Haiz.. this is so saddening. He said "i have never thought further beyond our friendship". Thats a big big hint that he doesnt like me i guess.. I sent a long email to him telling him how i feel.. should i cut and paste it here? Eh i shall. Not interested to read den skip it altogether! Here goes: hello! I've just finished talking to u on the phone... anyway, here are the pictures of the cute loris i have promised! Perhaps it will give u some entertainment while u work on the analog designs, whahahha... Somehow what u just said affected me. i dunno why i'm feeling this way, but i guess i would have to admit that no matter how i try to deny it, itz pretty apparent that i have certain "special" feelings towards you.. Maybe itz c
i went out with eddy! =) And it was juz when i was about to msg to ask if he was free that he actually called! Xin ling xiang tong sia! Nothing much juz went to orchard walk walk... While we were walking the stretch between wisma and taka, where Future state is, he suddenly turned to me and said, "I feel like telling u something very lame." I braced myself and asked, "What?" He looked into my eyes for a second, and just went i thought he was about to confess his adoration for me, he smiled and said, "Famous Amos." -_-; Indeed, i have never thot of that as a weak pun, but actually if u think about it, it is. LOL.. Eddy is so goddamn cute... when i get my digicam i'm gonna take like millions of his pictures. Speaking of digicams, i should have gotten mine todaY! coz officially, it is MY BIRTHDAY! At 12 am, 3 ppl called me at the same time, and my lousy 8250 couldnt take it and hung. Thats so anticlimax! Outta the 3 ppl only one called
TAMADE why every time wanna go out den it will be bloody hot. when staying at home it will be freaking comfortable weather!~ ok so today i stayed at home to study for my Law paper. Yes yes stop laughing i do know itz a Saturday. *BTW do u know that saturday is named after Saturn?* When i earn my law degree and i'll be sipping champagne while doing my french manicure and i will be the one smiling. -_- Yesterday was pretty interesting though. i went out with some ah bengs (June's friends whahahahhaha; June is Ah-Beng-Magnet). You will be amazed. ACTUAL real ah bengs!~ and u thought they have all died. One had a gucci hp strap, one a LV bag and ALL have piercings on at least the ears. (one had tongue and neck. yesh neck piercing!~ i think itz pretty cool actually). I was just feeling relieved to know that outta the 3, one didnt have tattoos, but hey! he wanted to do it today! So we went to some tattoo shop with them and guess what we found? Lotsa multi-pierced and multi
Today i went to june's place to study for EOF. i simply do not understand why as bond prices increase, the bond yield will decrease. WTH am i talking about? Good, u oso dun know right? That means i'm not a complete dumb dumb. Eh! i discovered that some of the pics cant be seen. bloody yahoo photos suck man. to view the pics can click on the hyperlinks that i put
i decided how i wan my future son to look like. This: click here if cant see the pic yup jeremy... june found jeremy (weak pun not intended) on irc!~ can u believe it? he is only 17 and look at his height... Looks ok? Well, June is 1.7m. He is tall, baby. Tell your vegetarian friends today that they can eat sea cucumbers! hahahaha =P Ok that was irrelevant. Eh me and june took some lesbianic photos in skool!! see pic see pic Just for fun... haha poly life is atrocious we took the photo in class and no one reported it to the NEWPAPER at all. WTH! AJC cannot be lesbian we can ah? no one cares about poly students nowadays! NO ONE CARES IF WE DO WRONG THINGS! NO ONE CARES IF WE GET SARS! i demand attention!~ maybe this could get better results see pic Yeah okie it is edited ugly-ly. shut up... i'm pissed suddenly that exams coming up soon hit my bdae. be prepared for a few days of boring blogs.
more about today. while celebrating my bdae (far too early) at ghimz place we came up with adjectives for everyone and a job title as well. super bo liao, here it goes: Ghim hui the Giam is a Giraffe Groomer. Enormous (breasts) Ee Kean is a Elephant Cleaner. Dong the Dumb is a Donkey Feeder. Potty Peiying is a Python Charmer. Wacky Wendy is the Walrus trainer. We are the happy zoo family!!
today is eventful. First, i went to school for DVPA, and i got pissed with both gwenne and aaron, respectively coz of her face and his face. i think gwenne laughs too loud for non-funny-juz-meant-to-piss-wendy-off jokes by anyone who think they might like to poke fun at the short bitch. Aaron is a sick backstabber, complete with thong. Ah well. i like to think Gwenne is a gift from god (who created do-do birds despite KNOWING they will be extinct. yeah bo liao.) to come into my life to stretch my patience to itz best limits. she is, in fact, someone who will do good for me in my life. i just dun like to think that angels look like that... itz a horrible thot... Digressing, i met eddy for dinner today. OH MAN HE IS SO FIT LAR. and so smart and so cute and so funny.... and so perfect.. but whats wrong? i realise that he is not the normal "3 weeks" kinda guy where i will lose interest in in the said amt of time. perhaps it is his age that shouted