After a night of sleeping on the thought that yet another guy has fallen in love with my best friend and told me in the face, i decided, finally, to ponder on the painful question of "Why?".

I think itz because i look too much like a slut

And i yak too much.

Whats wrong with guys nowadays? When i was a kid and i read teen books situated in America (i.e. Sweet Valley High), it was always decided that the most popular gal was pretty (Not boring pretty but knows how to dress up), intelligent and has a sense of humour. In other words, guys in America like their girls witty and able to communicate with them, and most likely before they discovered these, they took notice of the girls coz they look like hot stuff.

Thus i thought thats what i should aim to become...

Singaporean (Chinese) guys think different, however.

They like girls with long rebonded black silky hair, not sexy curls.

They like girls wearing turtlenecks and sneakers rather than a dress with heels. (yup even in an appropriate situation for wearing a dress.)

They like girls who keep quiet and nods in agreement to everything they say, rather than a girl who speaks up for her own opinions.

They like girls who are weak, diminutive and vulnerable, not girls who are strong and can protect themselves.

To complete the image, the girl should only wear white underwear and is a virgin. She should not own any strapless bras because theres no need to wear any, but although the same logic applies, she shld have clean shaven underarms. Oh wait she shld not have reached puberty yet (thus no armpit hair) coz she looks way too innocent for that. Most of the clothes she wears are baby blue and white. She smiles sweet without showing teeth and has sparkly big eyes. She doesnt need to be smart, that would give her opinions, which is not good.

Why? i dunno, most Chinese guys i know are weird. (or u could be a common chinese guy and is smiling at the mental picture i painted of ur dream girl.) My eurasian friends concurred with the American girl image; they could tell the difference between "hot" and "slut". Chinese guys think hot IS slut.

I got reminded of something Lut told me. (Lut's half German) He said he was watching this Chinese show with some of his friends, half of them were Chinese (3 i think) and the other half were eurasians or caucasians. The show featured the sexy Shu qi and the sweet Gigi Lai. While the eurasians and caucasians were WOW-ing at Shu qi, the Chinese guys spoke up and said they think GiGi Lai is much prettier. Objectively, i do think gigi lai IS prettier, but i get what Lut means. He thinks that she is like such a common looking girl, boring to add....

To see gigi lai's pic can click here Wahahha i cant believe it she's wearing baby blue.. hahhaha

And i think itz really weird that alot of Singaporean guys like girls who dun speak up.

if u ask them why, they will answer "Not all the time dun speak up lar, sometimes muz speak also lar!!"

-_-||| What a dumb thing to say. Yeah speak up things like "i am hungry can we go eat?" at times right?


I'm not saying that XF is like that. I wun be best friends with a boring twerp. But Adryan definitely like this kinda girls, i think. He likes XF coz she looks innocent, and pretty, and she didnt speak much yesterday. In other words he likes her coz she looks like a Shu nu. Too bad XF is attached. And he didnt use his puny brain to think: If XF breaks up with her bf for him, that makes her SO not shu nu anymore. Shu nu(s) will be loyal to their bfs and not know any guys other than the said bf. Then that makes her not the kinda gal he likes!!

Dumb dumb!

Ok enough about Adryan. He is just ANOTHER of the chauvinistic normal dumb chinese guys.

The dilemma here is this: Do most of the guys prefer this kinda image? (aka shu-nu image) If yes, is there something wrong with my image (not shu-nu)? Definitely since most guys attempt to touch me on the first date right? Since most guys think i'm some cheap slut should i change my image? If i change my image for them, are these jerks worth my change, or would they not be jerks if i didnt look like a slut in the first place? And IF i change, isnt it so phoney because itz not me at all?

Most importantly, does Eddy like Shu nu(s) as well...? Oh well at least i dun think he thinks i'm a cheap slut coz he didnt attempt to touch me at all, besides touching hair some times? Tml (after my law exam) i shall ask him if he thinks Shu qi or Gigi Lai is more appealing...

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