Eddy replied to my email. some parts are rather confusing, plus i dun think itz right to type out his reply like that so heres the gist:

*Age doesnt matter

*Letting things run itz course is something i wish for as well.

*I find ur companionship, erm, highly engaging.

*U are special to me too.

*Controlling ur feelings is a fuss, so just let us be natural.

SOUNDS LIKE GOOD NEWS TO ME!!! No connotations of "buts" in the email... Thats good.. But i cant verify anything till i talk to him tml (today lar actually). On the other hand...

Birthday celebration today was okie... i was supposed to meet ah dong and peiying and ek, but Adryan called me and asked if he could join, so well, he did. (FYI i did like Adryan some time ago, but he said he didnt like me so we remained friends.)

I've always had this theory: Say if while in the midst of being totally in love with A, A breaks up with u for a good reason. When this happens and A loses contact with u, u will forever remain in love with A. This is because the reasons for loving A will always still be there. U didnt have any chance to witness perhaps some bad points of A that might stop your love for him/her (like perhaps he/she likes to abuse little furry animals), or witness him/her change to a person whom u dun love anymore. If itz true love, time will not wash it away. If u love A because he/she has long legs, he/she will still have long legs after he/she left u....

Same case for me and Adryan. After he rejected me, i did have a quarrel with him which showed some character traits of him which i had never discovered (and hated). So i dun like him as much already. But no matter what, i still do have a bit of feelings for him.

Although currently i like Eddy much much more.

U know what bastard Adryan just msged me? After he sent me, ah dong (aka xiao feng) and peiying home? On my birthday?

"u know what? i kinda like xiao feng, urm but i dun know what to do."


On my birthday he tells me he likes my best friend! And he knows that i still do like him (a bit). What kinda inconsiderate jerk would do this to a gal? It sears big time when this sort of thing happens. And this may not be Adryan's fault, but this is not the first time it happened. I liked Xiao feng's current bf before they developed feelings for each other, but he told me he likes Xiao Feng. Oh well, i suppose it cant be blamed since Xiao Feng is indeed very pretty, and smart to go with it. But Adryan doesnt even KNOW Xiao feng! today is the first time he talked to her, and it was not more than 5 sentences.

I think he's just bloody superficial.

I told him that. To that he replied "itz the feel, i told u many times liao."

Yeah right u have feelings for someone who looks like a pig? itz juz a COINCIDENCE that the person u have feelings for is pretty?

What did he expect me to do? Say, "Oh u serious? Thats perfect news!! u two make a great couple!! want me to go buy condoms for u? i think u naturally should choose her over me coz she is so much better! Hey help urself to my phonebook coz i am so glad for u guys, i'm whooping in delight!!!"

I summed up that long sentence and msged him "Go rot in hell."

Thats what June asked me to say. whaahhahaha great fren man she scolded Adryan like crazy. Her msgs:

-Ask him go rot in hell.
-Say he is a swallow guy, as superficial as any guy u noe, such a disappointment.
-i bet every guy has the same "feel" towards xiao feng when they see her. u say him lar, pls la, her bf is so much better than u, u dun even DREAM about liking her man, u got no zi ge!

Wahahhaha mean enough. i like.

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