Eh.. Sucks... i dun think i can get my A for my law paper already lar...

*whine whine*

Didnt have time to finish and it was pretty hard.. And Eddy is not free to meet me. And i haven got my digicam yet. When i just walked out of my void deck to the bus stop, it didnt rain. It POURED. Overall, it is a sucky sucky day...

But it was pretty fun at the exam hall... They gave u all little china-made glass thermometers and packs of alcohol wipes for cleaning the thermometer before putting it in our mouths... So cute...

Sometimes i cant help thinking some poly kids are really intellectually challenged. A few guys (not from my course, from Biz i think), started to put the thermometers under their armpits!! My Law lecturer was totally flabbergasted...She gasped a bit, and shrieked, "NO NO u are NOT supposed to do THAT!!! Now who did that? Who contaminated their thermometers??!"


Later on there was a big hooha coz Veron (my classmate), who sat directly beside me in the exam hall, had a temperature of 37.5 degrees... U shld have seen her face, she was SO nervous at the thought of not being able to take the exam... I think she is pretty gong... The first time it is 37.5 degrees, den she had to take it a second time to reconfirm mah. the second time she sincerely took the temperature again. If really 37.5 and above, u will be asked to leave the exam hall, and no matter how well she scores for the sup paper, it will still be an E.

If i were her i would have put the thermometer juz on my tongue or something. Yes i'm a dishonest pig but an E on my results slip!!? No way... She didnt feel feverish or anything like that so i dun reckon she got Sars...

In the end she got to sit for the test.

So anticlimax. Wahhahahaha i'm a meanie... Yup.. Have always been one...

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