Thursday, April 24, 2003

i decided how i wan my future son to look like.


click here if cant see the pic

yup jeremy... june found jeremy (weak pun not intended) on irc!~ can u believe it? he is only 17 and look at his height... Looks ok? Well, June is 1.7m. He is tall, baby.

Tell your vegetarian friends today that they can eat sea cucumbers! hahahaha =P

Ok that was irrelevant. Eh me and june took some lesbianic photos in skool!!

see pic

see pic

Just for fun... haha poly life is atrocious we took the photo in class and no one reported it to the NEWPAPER at all. WTH! AJC cannot be lesbian we can ah? no one cares about poly students nowadays! NO ONE CARES IF WE DO WRONG THINGS! NO ONE CARES IF WE GET SARS!

i demand attention!~ maybe this could get better results

see pic

Yeah okie it is edited ugly-ly. shut up... i'm pissed suddenly that exams coming up soon hit my bdae. be prepared for a few days of boring blogs.