i went out with eddy! =) And it was juz when i was about to msg to ask if he was free that he actually called! Xin ling xiang tong sia!

Nothing much juz went to orchard walk walk... While we were walking the stretch between wisma and taka, where Future state is, he suddenly turned to me and said, "I feel like telling u something very lame."

I braced myself and asked, "What?"

He looked into my eyes for a second, and just went i thought he was about to confess his adoration for me, he smiled and said, "Famous Amos."


Indeed, i have never thot of that as a weak pun, but actually if u think about it, it is. LOL.. Eddy is so goddamn cute... when i get my digicam i'm gonna take like millions of his pictures.

Speaking of digicams, i should have gotten mine todaY! coz officially, it is MY BIRTHDAY! At 12 am, 3 ppl called me at the same time, and my lousy 8250 couldnt take it and hung. Thats so anticlimax! Outta the 3 ppl only one called back (eileen) and the other 2 prolly tot i hung up on them. -.- i got some msgs too and i shall type them out here in case my 8310 gets stolen.


Dong the Dumb: Happy bdae to u! Hope u grow slimmer n find a good boy friend soon! Haha! did i juz guessed ur wishes correctly? Enjoy ur special day!

Mum:1984 28 april the first day i saw u i know i have to love you care 4 u give u the best. i will love (u) because u are u -happy birthday my dearest child

Dicky chua and scandalous shuyin: ok now... U should be 1 cm taller now! haha.. But if u re not than i wish u all the best in achieving 1 cm... hah! oh yar 1 yr older better not change ur ways ok u know that boucing arse! Haha anyway hapi birthday !! Muz be happi eh! I remembered ! Aniway tis is from shuyin my sis and me !! happy 19 berthday again!

Wrinkly WanPing:Happy birthday!

Jealous June:haPpy birthday!! find ur Mr Right soon (i said this alot of times liao ar?), n may u become slim again, n hair becum smoother, and cont being smart/smarter !

Potty Peiying: oh ya stupid woman happi b day!

Nabeh i v fat meh so many ask me to slim down. Alright man i love my mum's msg itz damn sweet. Dicky Chua and shuyin actually sent 3 linked msgs! Eileen's msg was particularly short coz she was talking to me on the phone...

And yes i have an adjective for most of my friends' names... I like Gwenne's and Aaron's the most! It is Grouchy Gwenne (so damn true) and Androgenous Aaron (who drags sometimes and wears make-up to skool.)

Alright thats all for today! Tune in for bdae news tml!

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