TAMADE why every time wanna go out den it will be bloody hot. when staying at home it will be freaking comfortable weather!~ ok so today i stayed at home to study for my Law paper. Yes yes stop laughing i do know itz a Saturday. *BTW do u know that saturday is named after Saturn?*

When i earn my law degree and i'll be sipping champagne while doing my french manicure and i will be the one smiling. -_-

Yesterday was pretty interesting though. i went out with some ah bengs (June's friends whahahahhaha; June is Ah-Beng-Magnet). You will be amazed. ACTUAL real ah bengs!~ and u thought they have all died. One had a gucci hp strap, one a LV bag and ALL have piercings on at least the ears. (one had tongue and neck. yesh neck piercing!~ i think itz pretty cool actually). I was just feeling relieved to know that outta the 3, one didnt have tattoos, but hey! he wanted to do it today! So we went to some tattoo shop with them and guess what we found?

Lotsa multi-pierced and multi-tattooed ppl saying Cheebye/kan ni na every other sentence. One had an enlargement on his tragus. can u IMAGINE?

A fellow selling porn came along. 3 for 10 bucks. cheap huh...

A fellow selling illegal exotic pets.

Atrociously enough, he actually brought along his animals. he had a snake, a few geckos, an iguana(which i have also), and most importantly, a slow loris all in his bag!! it is BLOODY CUTE. i have pictures taken...

see pic

see pic

see pic

Damn cute right? see the 3rd pic where i circled itz cute fingers are grabbing my finger! so sweet! I wanna buy one but it costs $600. Bloody loris guy(thats what i called him since i dun know his name. i know the loris' though, it is Issac.) trying to chect my money i think, sell so expensive. i hate to think the money i give him will be given to the tattoo guy for YET another tattoo. haiz... Kids nowadays....

Oh yeah we ate at Marche's and heres the dessert. no wonder i'm damn fat.

see pic

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