Wednesday, April 23, 2003

today is eventful.

First, i went to school for DVPA, and i got pissed with both gwenne and aaron, respectively coz of her face and his face. i think gwenne laughs too loud for non-funny-juz-meant-to-piss-wendy-off jokes by anyone who think they might like to poke fun at the short bitch. Aaron is a sick backstabber, complete with thong.

Ah well.

i like to think Gwenne is a gift from god (who created do-do birds despite KNOWING they will be extinct. yeah bo liao.) to come into my life to stretch my patience to itz best limits. she is, in fact, someone who will do good for me in my life. i just dun like to think that angels look like that... itz a horrible thot...

Digressing, i met eddy for dinner today. OH MAN HE IS SO FIT LAR. and so smart and so cute and so funny.... and so perfect..

but whats wrong?

i realise that he is not the normal "3 weeks" kinda guy where i will lose interest in in the said amt of time. perhaps it is his age that shouted 'stop!' whenever i felt like it was more than platonic. (it is PURELY on my side only) This restain may be good; it certainly helped us develop a pretty strong friendship (judged from my side too). in fact, i enjoy my times with him so much that i get cramps after meeting him; from smiling! The balance of friendship is so delicate that i dun dare to suggest anything more, afraid it might upset the path and spoil everything so beautiful. Does he like me? Is he this happy with every other friend? he might be, i dunno. I am very happy now with our relationship, but i want to be happier. He, on other hand, does not seem to want to be restricted by any relationship now, although he did mention if he found a right person he would marry her. Yeah, he is of that age. And i'm 19.

Wendy u cant like eddy!~ he will never consider gals so young. Yeah 'gal', not even 'woman', despite being able to give birth and produce milk. PLUS, think of the wedding banner.

"Wendy and Eddy are Married" -----> AHHAHAHHAHA weak pun!~

i simply love the way he strokes my hair. itz so sweet :)