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Yesterday at Ritz Today I shall expose a picture of myself without make-up. Wahahha it is taken by bo liao XF. In fact, she took down the whole make up process, but I shall not bore you guys. She and PY thinks that it is utterly embarrassing to put make-up on the mrt. I really dun find anything wrong with it. If make up is an art, then the person drawing portraits on the streets shld oso be embarrassed right! Whats wrong with ppl who dun like other ppl applying make-up on public transport! Got nothing to do while travelling may as well sleep more at home and apply make-up then. I dun see how it would affect anymore. Its not as if it is very disturbing to the eyes. Anyway, we reached Ritz carlton and we are eating at the staff cafe!! I took a picture of Xf and PY. I told you PY is grouchy! Wahahha.. She is irritated by the fact that I keep taking snapshots of them while they are eating. The "I'm cool" sticker on her blouse makes her a walking oxymo
I woke up today suddenly thinking of the movie title, HOW TO LOSE A GUY IN 10 DAYS. The absurdity of that statement suddenly pounced on me. I dunch even understand why u need that long a time. There are certain things that guys have ZERO tolerance over. I know the worldy secrets. The author shall now teach you TEN THINGS TO DO TO MAKE A GUY LOSE YOU IN ONE DAY. Firstly, be prepared first. 3 days before the big day, shave EVERYTHING (except facial hair)! Armpits, pubes, leg, arm, anal if u have hair there. Invite him to your place. Make sure there is no one else at home. Alright here is what u do. 1) Train your family pet to act dead. Put ketchup on the pet. Train the pet not to lick it up first. When he comes, act as if u are shoving the dead pet away. Shove the pet to outside your house (where he can forlick happily again). Admit that u had beat the pet up coz you were so angry with yourself. Admit that u sometimes get uncontrollable convulsions like that. Assu
Ok more about Eddy. Basically he said that he didnt like me in that sense. And that he is not prepared for a relationship. He is in love with my blog instead of me. I'm not really sad actually coz I somewhat expected the answer. I shall convince myself that Eddy does not not like me coz of me. He does not like me coz he is gay. Shirley (his ex) was a facade. A four year facade to hide what society does not readily accept. I should have known better from the beautifully manicured fingernails, the flower shirts and the suspicious mascara in his bag. Come to think of it, Androgenous Aaron has beautifully manicured fingernails and mascaras in his bag too. Ok I was joking about Eddy's fingernails and mascaras. But the Aaron part is 100% true.
Today something really really rare happened. It is commonly known as an Extreme-Good-Hair-Day. U see, when u have permed hair, it is difficult to manage. When ur female (or male. *gasp*) friends first start perming their hair, it will all swell up into a big mess. So usually they will tie their hair into a half ponytail. (Please observe this. It is true.) After a few days when they realised Pamela Anderson's curls does not appear by itself and they have blew like 100 bucks to spoil their hair, they will tear their spoilt hair out. Like June. Her current hair is a wig. Nahz... Joking. What she did was that she immediately went to rebond it and cut it real short. But you see, there's a secret to the Pamela Anderson curls. And I shall unselfishly share it to you. In future, when your friend has nice curls, ask her if she blew more than $300 on it and went for wave rebonding. If she says yes, tell her she is damn stupid and ask her to read my blog. I did my
Eddy doesnt like me. June: "Chey! What an anticlimax. Faster lar late in meeting me already." going out now with her. Shall concentrate on Bernard. More details at night.
I sent the email to Eddy already. And i even told him the blog's address. The male celebrity of my blog is possibly reading this at the same moment as you are. Hello, Eddy!~ This is what I wrote. If u are interested to read. Dearest Eddy... It has been some time since we last met up. I was just thinking the other day, where is this friendship going to end up? The scenerio now is as such: - We do not have any mutual friends. - You do not view me as a potential girlfriend. - We are not THAT close as normal friends. Since we do not have mutual friends, obviously the chances of having a reason to meet up will be lessened by a lot. Since you do not view me as a potential gf there goes another reason for meeting up often. We are not that close as friends. I'm sure u have many many other friends who are of the same 'friend' status as me. Whats one less? In conclusion, as time passes by, the friendship will fade off to nothin
Itz another typical day working at New Park Hotel. Heres a typical waiter at New Park Hotel stealing Fox candy to eat. As you all can see I am very excited indeed about my camera to go ard taking bo liao snapshots at non-aesthetic subjects. Oops! So mean. Wahhahaha... And before blog writing, it was just another typical day parked in IRC. [blurboi] hi there [blurboi] how are you? [Xia`xue] u are? [blurboi] mi 22/m/ch [blurboi] you? [Xia`xue] when u are 22 u are no longer a "boi" [blurboi] but i am realli 22 How totally irrelevant. Did I even say that I didnt believe he is 22? God bless the irrelevant. Whats worse is that they really do not understand how they are being irrelevant. SP has a lot of irrelevant ppl. Androgenous Aaron is one of them. Typical scenerio: Typical Teacher: Class, why is the sky blue? Ah, you! At the back! (Teacher doesnt know what she is in for!) Typical irrelevant person: Coz teacher, the grass is green. Typic
EEEEeeeeeks! I dunno if u can actually see all the text but I know I cant view my own website. Dunno what is wrong. Think got too much pictures liao den cannot load properly. All I can see is the pink background and the info ends at the guestbook thingy. Thats it. So sickening. I will try to save it later. Now must prepare for work liao. Sian... Bernard's not coming to fetch me. I think. Hahhaha... Anyone else wants to come? If u can see this, leave a comment in the comment box to tell me that my blogspot hates me and is blocking me from reading it.
There is too much excitement in my life recently. In fact, Ah dong and PY commented that my blog is gonna get into disarray with Bernard around. True he is taking up pretty much of my time recently.... Lets just hope that he will be worth the time consumed. Besides Bernard, whats the second big excitement? Did I really forget to mention that I bought my SONY CYBERSHOT U20 (rose/pink) the day before?!!! Gosh, itz a long dream finally come true. If u do read my blog u would know how long it has been since I fantasized about it. Here is the baby... Actually I took that picture in my room with a mirror. Quite successful right? I decided to airbrush away the surroundings so that the it gives me an angelic feel. If u are thinking at this precise moment, "Angels dunch go around taking nude photos of themselves", you are right. U are right that Angels dun go around taking nude photos. But I was not nude. I was wearing a white tube to add to the angelic feeling but
LOLz.. What is it with all the anger here? hmmm... My blog is supposed to be a happy one. And a happy one it is. Any angrier and it will become like the whats-her-name?'s blog. Ok whats-her-name is just some silly teenager (possibly angry coz she got some zits). Can we be bothered with such ppl? No? so yeah, lets drop the topic. And yeah whats-her-name if u are still reading my blog, go away and stop reading it coz nothing will be mentioned about u after this. U are just interesting for like half an hour, of disgust. Okie for happier ppl here, I didnt write my blog yesterday coz I stayed over at Bernard's place. Hmmmm.. What did we do? Nothing much actually. We cant do much coz I had my period anyway. Oops!! Too much info. No lar... Hahhaha.. I'm not that much a slut. But things went pretty well between us. I was just thinking that if I suddenly get attached, what are the consequences? Less time for most friends. I will be grilling Char siew after s
Bernard is Ah dong's bf(Leonard)'s secondary school friend. Ah dong and Leonard tried to set us up coz: 1) It somewhat feels fun to see their good friends meet each other. 2) They claimed that Bernard and I are both very crappy people. (thus compatible) At first, Bernard seemed like an Ah Beng, complete with a bike, lousy English and the norm. Before he first called me, there was another friend who kept calling me with a pte line and not identifying himself immediately. That friend is boring, so I always tell him I am busy with he calls. And usually I am really busy lar. Really. Then Bernard called with a pte line and did not identify himself. I thought he was that said friend and for 3 days in a row I told him I am not free. On the 3rd day of rejection I decided I shall make small talk coz I very paiseh that I keep rejecting his calls. So I told him that he sounds weird today. He asked me whether I know who he is. I realised that I dunch know. And t
Hurray!!! If something good came up from that gal's blog (read previous) it is possibly the fact that I copied her comments script. Which is something I have been trying to find for a long time! So please do leave comments!! Yeah yeah yeah!!! I'm going out to work in a bit. More blogging when I am back. Anyway, I saw this Tee in yahoo auctions. Cool huh? We bloggers (if u are one) should all wear it. And then random strangers will ask for your address. Hahhahhaa. I think it is too big for me, else I will buy it and make it the 3rd T-shirt in my cupboard amidst the frilly spags and tiny tubes. T-shirts are important coz they are exam gear. And my two official Tees are simply not enough for the 4 exams I had this year.
Oh yeah yeah yeah!! The counter finally hit 1000!!!!
I was just talking to Elf on irc just now, and he brought me to utter hell. [SliVer] remember i was telling u abt bad blogs? blogs that are fake and negative, and have totally nothing positive about them? and they merely serve as some kind of outlet, how the author writes about herself is what she can NEVER ever be in real life [SliVer] go read (little interruption here, before u go read, finish reading what I have to say abt her first, k k?) [SliVer] [SliVer] that is exactly what i mean [SliVer] i feel sick to the stomach Lolz. This girl is horrible. I finally understood what Elf was saying when he said that negative blogs will nv be popular. So please do go write whatever u think of her in that comments thing she has there! heehee let her reflect a little. After reading her blog please come back to mine and be really glad that not all blogs are like that. Some blogs even tell u how to cheat on bus fares *ahem*. I suddenly feel very
I was just thinking about Phobias we all have. When I was a cute little baby (please note that I was born a winner. 1984 baby queen. I was on the News, which has much less important things to report then, without Sars and Wars, thus they reported on baby competitions)... Ok ok not exactly a baby. I just brought up the baby thing to talk about my winning of the competition. Lets start again... When I was a little girl, my daddy brought me out to this field to play. He was carrying me and then he released his hands from beneath my armpits and sat me on on the grass. Very unfortunately, he sat me down on an ant hill. And it belonged to BIG RED ANTS. Big red ants do not read the newspaper as far as I know, so although what was sitting on them was a Baby Queen's ass, they were not flattered. They are grouchy man-hating insects because we all know that during Lantern Festivals we keep burning them with cheap candles for hearing that cute 'pop' sound they make when they
Okie I am feeling slightly better after all the ranting... So I shall now write about what I was writing last night, which are basically outdated by now. American Idol 2!! If u guys read the comments thingy on the side, you all must be thinking "what the hell is june talking about?" It is like this. We both agreed that Clay Aiken looks like Adryan, whom I think looks like the mad magazine guy, and also looks like George Bush. Ridiculous, u say? Here: Look like right. Aha! Actually it is all about the ears. Alright. Yesterday I was at PY's place so I used her scanner to scan the KTV picture June Ek and I took. Here it is: Remember I said I looked like a mistress in that pic? Just to prove my point and my photoshop skills... Yikes!! I am glad in real life I am not touching uncles like these. Yucks. Anyway, I scanned in some of the photos taken at my last year's bdae. I just realised that every bdae I get food (am I that much of
I'm very very very very very pissed now. Yesterday night, my mom was using the computer so I cant use it. I waited from 12 am till 3 am doing nothing except watching a movie which i had watched before already and when she finished using at 3, she REFUSED to let me use the computer, saying it is too late. And then we got into another fight. I insisted on using the com. She insisted on standing right beside to look at me use it. Can u imagine how irritating that is? She told me to use it tml morning or else she will stand there. I AM SO PISSED!!! Then i woke up specially at 12 pm (THATS FUCKING EARLY BTW) and there she was, using the com again. And I was forced to watch Fei Chang Nan Nu, which I dun enjoy at all, while I waited. Although she used the bloody com for her work, I'm still fucking pissed coz of the bloody waiting. I wanted to write about alot of stuff but now I dun feel like it already. If last night she would just let me use it at 3am, I wun
Enormous Eekean is very ridiculous. She asked me to take away the picture of her in my character intro to replace with this. For new readers, please scroll down to see how she actually looks like without being photo-shopped. Ridiculous. Trying to act stylo. I told her no, and that that picture does not look like her in the least bit. And it does not suit the theme of the webbie. If i put her pic, i muz make everybody's face red too. She said I tried to make all of them look like a part of the cast for a wacky sitcom. All laughing like crazy, some got apple on head, some hugging ronald macdonald, some getting their hair pulled. Actually, she sent me her picture thru irc and I didnt open it straightaway. Later on when I went to my mIRC download folder to see the pics, I realised I cant find it, coz I didnt know the name of the files she sent me. I slowly scrolled down painfully thru my mIRC download folder, opening every file and shuddering at some reall
I cant believe this just happened. I turned off my computer and decided that I needed a bite. Ravenous. So I opened my fridge, staring hopefully into the contents. I saw a plate of fried chicken wings, 3 of them. Exhilarated, and totally ecstatic. I took the small plate to the microwave oven and put it in. Bored, i looked thru the microwave door while the chicken wings were barbecue-ed again and i heard the popping sounds of itz oil seething. Suddenly i sensed motion within the wings. This black spot (I assumed it was a burnt part of the chicken wing) was moving rather rapidly. I realised it has feelers. It has wings. Its is a freaking cockroach!!! Weirdly, my emotions of seeing it was more on "Shucks, I cant eat my wings now!" rather than "UUUUUURGHHH!!! A freaking cockroach!!". Actually i semi-considered the idea of eating the other two wings when I decided I wasnt that desperate. Yesh, indeed, my level of tolerance for disgust is very high
After reading the former post, Peiying claimed that we didnt sacrifice Hui Fen's friendship coz of EK but coz nobody likes Hui Fen. [merrique_] anyway for ur info.... no whole gang of us sacrifice hui fen for ee kean [merrique_] hui fen was never there in the 1st place!!! [merrique_] hullo! She is mean. [Xia`xue] thats too mean to write down. [merrique_] nobody like hui fen lah [merrique_] she was never part of the gang lor LOLz. Anyway, i would like to say that when i left my seat, Hui fen took over. She won back my 6 bucks for me (10 cent 20 cent) and so i shall not say bad things about her. *cross fingers* Anyway, while I was playing with them I was thinking that my luck was like super bad. I then decided i shall sing auspicious songs to bring luck to myself. Gong xi gong xi gong xi wo ah, gong xi gong xi gong xi wo!~!~ After realising that I dunch know the lyrics I proceeded to Jingle Bells and Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. Subsequently
Hui Juan is Hui Fen's younger sister. Hui fen is my RV classmate, but we are no longer close coz of Enormous Eekean's dislike for her. And i mean SERIOUS dislike. Got Hui Fen= No Ee kean. So yeah the whole gang of us sacrificed Hui fen for Ek. But I still keep in contact with Hui Juan sometimes coz of the close proximity of our houses and the love for MAHJONG. Oh yeah here I am. And i left the kitchen (where the mahjong table is), coz i'm feeling quite pissed. Hui Fen, who was not supposed to be playing mahjong with us actually, brought her bf and bf's fren here. (coincidence). The supposed players included Hui Juan, her bf Bryant, and Bryant's guy friend. Digessing a little, lets talk about Bryant. Bryant, formerly known as Bryan, was actually my ex bf. Ahhhh... I see the look of confusion. It was just a mere coincidence that 3 years after we broke up, Bryant got to know Hui Juan and they got together. Imagine my shock when i discovered they are to
I cant believe when i left home 14 hours ago the web counter was ard 240 and now it is 370. oh gosh, someone muz have been loyally clicking refresh. Today i was slumping at home and feeling rather grumpy coz i had a good hair day . Okie i'm not grumpy coz of the good hair day but coz it is damn rare it happens and i dun wanna waste it by staying at home. So i decided I will go over to Wrinkly Wanping 's place after dinner since she stays quite near, at Bukit Batok. Whats the point, you ask. Well, at least the ppl in the bus can see my hair. At least SOMEONE other than family members saw it! Anyway, as i said i went out with Eddy. It is really a coincidence coz i already planned to go to Wrinkly Wanping (aka Eileen)'s place. She is not really wrinkly btw. I just thought it sounded funny. Then Eddy called me to ask me out for dinner. At Bukit Batok. Eddy and I just simply had dinner. I cant stand it! Everytime I meet him I get so tongue-tied. When he was buying f
Omg omg Eddy juz asked me out!!! I'm going out now!!! News later *winkz* My lucky day today!
A few days ago when PY, EK, and ah dong came over to my place to stay there was a little kitten that came too. PY took up the kitty from her void deck. Subsequently she took it out everytime she went out with us. For ppl who are interested to see how my dog looks like, here it is: His name is Cloudy (maltese) but Potty Peiying insists on calling it Fluffy and now it responds to that name. Dammit. See a dog kiss a kitty. See a kitty on my head. Py took a decent photo for me and XF. That is rare, coz when she takes photos itz possibly just the body there. Head will be gone. Or somebody's face cut half etc etc. Please do take note that my hair looks nice in this picture. And thats rare too. Thank you. I would like to mention that Cloudy is male and horny. He needs a female partner too. He tried to fuck Crappy Chua's pant leg the other day. Did i mention that he tried to fuck kitty too? And he is like three times her size and a TOTALLY DIFF
Yaaaaay!!! Ah dong finally uploaded all the pictures liao so here they are!! If u did not see the birthday entry (28/04/03) i wrote, u may be confused about the events. If you want to, go read it first lor. If not, just enjoy.. =) I'm lazy to explain everything again. My second birthday celebration (this time on the correct date.) Pictures were taken at the KTV we went to. Wahhahahhahah! EK looks constipated! Now is is XF's turn to sing.... Wahahahhaha!!! EK is a meanie!!! Ek may not like XF's singing, but at the other corner of the KTV, somebody's view of XF is very different..... Who is it? Adryan lor who else. He thought we all cannot see it somemore. Yeah okie itz no surprise we all know now. Bleah.
It has been reported that some of the archive's pages cannot be seen... Itz ok now coz i republished everything there. So yeah now it can work. Please take note that the earliest post I made was the one which ended with "I love the way he strokes my hair." The 13 to 20 april one is correctly empty. YEAH OKIE ITS TIME U CLICK ON IT NOW.