Thursday, May 15, 2003

All right the answer to whether Eddy has actually read the blog. I think not. Or at least, if he did, he didnt show it. He actually asked me out today. But god dammit, i cant make it coz i promised to KTV with slutty SR and Enormous EK.

Today on the MRT on the way to Orchard with with EK she was telling me about cheap KTVs.
"My friend told me about this v economic place. Where it is ah... Oh oh, Tanjong pagar..."

At the PRECISE moment she said "Tanjong Pagar", the train announced that it was at Tanjong Pagar, so she and the train announcer synchonised totally. What are the chances of that happening!! I somehow found that very amusing.... Kept laughing while she asked me to shut up.

Wahahhahah, my sense of humour is SO warped.