Thursday, May 22, 2003

Enormous Eekean is very ridiculous.

She asked me to take away the picture of her in my character intro to replace with this.

For new readers, please scroll down to see how she actually looks like without being photo-shopped.

Ridiculous. Trying to act stylo. I told her no, and that that picture does not look like her in the least bit. And it does not suit the theme of the webbie. If i put her pic, i muz make everybody's face red too.

She said I tried to make all of them look like a part of the cast for a wacky sitcom.

All laughing like crazy, some got apple on head, some hugging ronald macdonald, some getting their hair pulled.

Actually, she sent me her picture thru irc and I didnt open it straightaway. Later on when I went to my mIRC download folder to see the pics, I realised I cant find it, coz I didnt know the name of the files she sent me. I slowly scrolled down painfully thru my mIRC download folder, opening every file and shuddering at some really hideous pictures some ah bengs who chatted me up b4 sent me.

Then i saw the two pics she sent me. I thought for a second "Who is this freak?" and passed it to my recycle bin (together with all the ah bengs pics) to handle, mumbling under my breath that my irc got virus liao, receive funny pictures by itself.

I told her I didnt get her pictures and then she told me something more ridiculous. "The files muz be in some other folder", she said. "Maybe some temporary folder". I told her that irc downloads are always in the mIRC download folder, dun be stupid.

She said "Oh. Okie send to u thru email."

Just when I thot she cant get any more ridiculous, she called me up again sounding really excited.

Amidst her fast-paced breathing I thought I heard her say "I know liao, dun need so ma fan, you can just go to the web to search for my pictures lar! The file name is 'dead'!!"

I thought that cant possibly come out from an RJ student (may I mention, with 4 As for her As too).

I asked her to repeat herself and she said the exact same thing.

I tried to be patient.

"Ee Kean, do u realise how many pictures there are on the world wide web with the filename 'dead'? How many corpses do you want me to see b4 i find yours?"

[Digessing a little, i suspect she did not even upload it anywhere so even if i searched for the rest of my life I wouldnt be able to find it. I suspect too that Miss Enormous thinks that her C drive is linked to the internet.]

"Oh yeah hor!" She chuckled and put down the phone as if she didnt make the most ridiculous statement in the decade. Century. Millennium. Whatever.

Today's KTV did not only involve June and I. When I was happily eating Mud pie with James, Enormous Eekean called me and admitted that she was a closet avid reader of my blog.


The very same person told me, when I first told her I had a blog, that blogs are disgusting. Blogs only include stuff like "I have a crush on XX, I ate XX today, My pet is XX". Blogs are stupid. Blogs are boring. She doesnt understand why anyone would want to read anyone elses blog.

I told her, when I thought Eddy was going to read the blog, that my blog was gaining publicity, somehow.

She shook her head and refused to read it.

I told her that my blog had her picture.

She immediately went to read it.

And she loved it. LOLz!!! ADMIT IT EEKEAN!!!

Ok point is, thru being an ardent reader, she found out that I was gonna KTV with June and she wanted to join us. Aiyoh, buay paiseh, wahahhahahahaha! But good lar no EK, who to sing the guy parts in duets? Or be Ella in S.H.E songs?

We had great fun. I really must talk about it. Every Weds is ladies' night in Kbox hougang, and no room charge, only pay for drinks and the tidbits. It is from 7pm onwards till 2 am (can leave earlier if u want) and the sound system is damn good. Sounds like you are singing in the toilet, minus your siblings asking u to shut up and when you dun, turning off the lights leaving you to make a tough decision between bathing in the dark or in silence.

We took a little polariod picture and I really really look like a mistress there. I will scan it soon. June is the rich businessman coz she was hugging me.

About the cockroach.

When i woke up I excitedly asked my bro whether he saw the cockroach. He said no, he checked and it wasnt there.

Bloody hell! That means when I took it outta the microwave it wasn't dead lar! I poked it with a toothpick somemore and it didnt move. PRETEND TO DIE!!! Cockroaches nowadays really getting smarter. They will take over the world soon. Anyway I wonder if a male cockroach will think that a female cockroach is sexy? How to when both are so ugly? Gosh.

I told someone this and the someone said that maybe cockroaches find humans revolting too. Hmmmm... I just cant picture that.

There was once I was on my toilet bowl preparing to bathe. Apparently I was naked then. I saw this big lizard on the ceiling. I decided to spray some water on it with the shower thing. It was shocked with the sudden wetness and lost control of itz suction muscles and fell on my lab.

He (I somehow cannot imagine lizards being 'she's) decided to jump off my lap and crawled out of sight.

After recovering from the shock I decided perhaps I was rather insulted.

If you are a guy lizard, and u managed to fall on a naked woman's lap, what would you do? Climb towards the breasts? Stay put for the fun of making her scream? Drop your tail on her?

But NO! The lizard chose to run away (not that i would have perferred it to do any of the above).

There are 4 possibilities.

1) The lizard is a female.
2) The lizard really thinks that humans are not attractive. Also proving the Someone's theory correct.
3) The lizard finds me too fat to stay on.
4) Lizards are generally scared of humans.

OK at this point of time u realise that obviously no. 4 is true. So all this while I have been talking crap. TOOK YOU SO LONG TO REALISE???