Monday, May 19, 2003

A few days ago when PY, EK, and ah dong came over to my place to stay there was a little kitten that came too.

PY took up the kitty from her void deck. Subsequently she took it out everytime she went out with us.

For ppl who are interested to see how my dog looks like, here it is:

His name is Cloudy (maltese) but Potty Peiying insists on calling it Fluffy and now it responds to that name. Dammit.

See a dog kiss a kitty.

See a kitty on my head.

Py took a decent photo for me and XF. That is rare, coz when she takes photos itz possibly just the body there. Head will be gone. Or somebody's face cut half etc etc.

Please do take note that my hair looks nice in this picture. And thats rare too. Thank you.

I would like to mention that Cloudy is male and horny. He needs a female partner too. He tried to fuck Crappy Chua's pant leg the other day.

Did i mention that he tried to fuck kitty too? And he is like three times her size and a TOTALLY DIFFERENT SPECIES?

Anyone has a female maltese email me! Urgent man!