Saturday, May 17, 2003

Hmm.. At ghimz place currently... I just realised that since my computer screen is so blue (it is cocked up), the colour of the backgrounds i chose, the pictures etc, all turn out looking much brighter and rather different and oh no! the Blog background looks utterly bimbotic (bright candy pink)!

Anyway, just now i was just talking to an irc friend, and he actually told me that "there is something wrong with my English."

Somewhat insulted, I asked him to name some of the mistakes that i made.

He said that there are some words i used which in the dictionary do not exist.

"Example?", I asked.

"Uh, no such word as pervertic."


OH CMON! Communication is defined as the message of the sender transmitted to the receiver the way the sender intended it right? So in which case, did he understand what pervertic means? If yes, i dun see a need to complain. I know some words i used do not exist, but like huh? this is a BLOG, not some GP essay which has to have flawless grammar!

Someone comment that my blog is attracting alot of "bad" attention.

Elf commented that if he didnt know me, he would have read the blog for a few sentences and cussed and not click on the site ever again. He said that I keep slamming issues and places, eg the demented Indian lady, the silly poly kids etc.

He claimed that people like to read about happy things, and thats the reason why they will come back and read the site again. He said that my site did not illustrate positive things at all, as far as he could remember. He said i could have used more tact and sensitivity. Some people would not feel happy about isuues i slammed...

I argued that MY blog is for me to vent my pelled up anger about certain issues i feel strongly against.

On one hand, i feel that i do not need a loyal audience for my blog. If anyone feels "cussy" (yeah bloody hell i know thats not in the dictionary) about my blog, i certainly do not mind if such narrow minded ppl click it away. I dun really mind if strangers think that I'm a freaking bitch, coz thats the way I am. Even in real life, when i am unhappy about something, I say it out. I am just being frank. I want an outlet for my expressions, and I dun care if ppl dun like it.

On the other hand, I feel very "loser" if no one reads the blog. So should i restrain myself to be tactful and write HAPPY events only, to let my audience read, if thats what keeps them?

Dilemma. I was feeling rather down after that.

I consulted Peiying and Ee Kean, coz when i talked to Elf, i was at Peiying's place.

Woohoo! I love my friends.

"Cmon lar, no one like to read positive things! You say out the nasty sentiments in horny Sinagporeans that we all want to hear! It is a trade off, just like in friends. U can choose to have a nasty and mean friend, which will also be interesting, or stick to ur good old boring two-shoes." , exclaimed EK.

PY agreed.

Besides her claim that I was horny, i think she is right too! How would u like this blog entry?
Today i went to have dinner with my classmates. We ate at Terra, and the food was great! I love the way June smiles when she eats something yummy. =) She is a great friend!

MY dog is so furry and cute!

OEI OEI COME BACK....! Dun sleep liao!

Hahahhahaha! If my blog was like this, would u still read it? Or are u scanning my blog for June's name, whom u have fallen in love with already? Possibly. Or are u some horny male scanning my blog for naughty words? Stop wanking already, today's entry did not, as u thought, move on to rape cases.

So it is decided. I shall be as mean as ever, and i will frankly write about the stuff i do not like the way I think it deserves a bad write-up. If u are somebody who cannot accept frankness, well, go set up the I thank you if u do. More ppl will thus read what so many ppl are protesting about, and i might even be able to start to charge advertising fees for my blog!

Angry? Dun stand around! Wave little wooden protest boards, and i will even pay for the markers and glue. Write about my (oooh, so horrible, rude and morally unacceptable!) blog and complain to little internet forums! Complain to the Newspaper!

I would like to say that my blog is not just about insults (and sex)! I did write good things too ok! Ain't *ahem* the Eddy thing a beautiful love stroy? Whahahahhah! I am not a person with only pessimistic stuff happening in my life! In fact, I am a very happy person.

Weirdly enough, I have ppl telling me I am interesting (vs pessimistic and cynical) and that my blog is funny and entertaining (vs agitating and cuss-able). I say thanks to all these ppl, whom mostly do not know me at all in real life. You people make our society a better place by being able to accept criticism and different ideas. You people will go far in life! Wahahhahaha! And you people let humans be more HONEST, instead of being hypocritical to conform to society's non-tolerance of rude comments. Once again, thank you!

For ppl who are cannot accept the use of say, the word Fuck? Well, here goes....!
Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck!

That must have been pure torture! Cool! So why are u reading all these?

There u go: Blogger's webpage. I dunno if is taken though.

Good riddence~!