Tuesday, May 20, 2003

Hui Juan is Hui Fen's younger sister. Hui fen is my RV classmate, but we are no longer close coz of Enormous Eekean's dislike for her. And i mean SERIOUS dislike. Got Hui Fen= No Ee kean. So yeah the whole gang of us sacrificed Hui fen for Ek. But I still keep in contact with Hui Juan sometimes coz of the close proximity of our houses and the love for MAHJONG.

Oh yeah here I am.

And i left the kitchen (where the mahjong table is), coz i'm feeling quite pissed.

Hui Fen, who was not supposed to be playing mahjong with us actually, brought her bf and bf's fren here. (coincidence).

The supposed players included Hui Juan, her bf Bryant, and Bryant's guy friend.

Digessing a little, lets talk about Bryant. Bryant, formerly known as Bryan, was actually my ex bf. Ahhhh... I see the look of confusion. It was just a mere coincidence that 3 years after we broke up, Bryant got to know Hui Juan and they got together. Imagine my shock when i discovered they are together! *gasp*

At first when Hui Juan told me she got a new bf, I asked her for his name. She said Bryant. I said i had an ex called Bryan as well. She "haha"ed and said skarly its the same person. I told her itz possible and told her, after some head scratching, Bryant's full name. She looked flabbergasted.

Ah well... My exs are everywhere actually coz when i was much younger, I was an Ah lian. Ah lians collect bfs.

Wahahhahhahahahhahahahahah! The memories are really laughable. Hey i was an qualified Ah lian k! I actually joined some silly gang called Ba Hai Tong but (some find this very funny) a week after i joined, the gang fell through. This was because the older Ah lians all got caught and went to girls' home. I tried to question the decision to close down the girl's section of the gang totally since i felt that when all the senior members got caught, the junior ones should be the leader! Wahahhahahah! But I didnt and decided to concentrate on Bf collecting instead.

Yeah ok dun ask me how many I got coz the answer will shock you. Some of the exs were not really considered bfs coz they only like on the fone "hey, wo ke yi jio ni ma?", and they are so called 'phone steads'. Bryant wasnt a phone stead though.

Stop looking so disgusted! Everyone has got a past! Anyway now obviously I am out of all these already and it has like been a year since the last bf. Bleah. If Bfs came in a little bottle in life too and the perfect one was inside, i think i exhausted my supply. I think perhaps I missed out the perfect guy too.

But i hardly think any of the silly ah bengs i dated could have been The One. But then again perhaps they grew up too and they are perhaps thinking that I was a silly ah lian too! Hmmmm....

Anyway, back to the story, Bryant's friend had to leave early so we let Hui Fen's bf take over and Hui fen and the BF's friend sat nearby.

I'm pissed with Hui Fen coz she is so chummy with her new bf and so fucking protective of him. We were just kidding about him a little and she got all agitated. The BF's friend keep cracking cynical jokes about me (I have no idea why, think he just doesnt like short girls) and Hui Fen and the Bf would chuckle together while Hui Juan and Bryant found it not funny at all.

An example was like this:

Hui Fen, to her bf's friend (lets call him A): "A, you hot or not?"

NOT IN THE SEXUAL SENSE YOU COK! As in, weather very hot lar! Ok i shall stop digessing.

A: "Xin jing zi ran liang."

Me: (i always say this when ppl say that sentence) "Hahaha i put you into a microwave see if you say the same thing."

A: "You find microwave so big first then say lor. Haha where got microwave so big one?" *guffaws towards Hui Fen and Hui fen's bf*

Apparently he was being irrelevant but i decided that i cant be bothered to tell him that.

Me: "Hahhaha got.. Maybe breadtalk's one lor. Hahhahah.."

A: "Breadtalk not oven one meh? Microwave sia!!!"

They seem to find my blunder very funny and they acted as if it was some conquest over me and Hi fi-ed each other.

I mean, yes, it was a mistake on my part. Yes, it is quite a funny mistake to add, but they way they laughed was obviously laughing at ME, not the mistake. I dun understand why they acted as if they all hated me when I didnt do anything!

I told Hui fen she was a bloody bitch coz I knew her for 6 years and here she is laughing at me with some people she just knew. She said i kept teasing her bf too. WTF? Its a totally different kind of joking lor. Apparently our teasing of her bf was totally just for fun and theirs (HF, her bf and bf's friend) was like so malicious.

Hui Juan started to quarrel with Hui Fen and said that her sister always Zhong se qing you one, and told me not to let Hui fen play (mahjong) with us next time. She said this in front of Hui fen.

This is when i decided to get out of the whole thing and use their PC instead. I am so pissed.

I just felt like complaining. Plus most importantly, I lost money. I think ard 6 bucks?

NVM... Tml I am meeting June for KTV at Kbox, Hougang. They have this cute promotion of 'Weds is ladies' night' and only charge is for drinks. HURRAY!